3 Reasons To Find A Coffee Replacement NOW


All of us have grown to hear about the myriad of benefits of having our morning coffee.

The morning fix meme is so old that you can find it on TV shows, movies, and sitcoms from almost any generation. The trope was so overused, we instantly guessed the plot of an episode if it started out with a broken coffee machine. Our favorite characters would be moody and do anything in their power to get a dose of ground coffee.

However, this should tell us something about this age-old habit. Why do all media outlets paint coffee enthusiasts as well-natured addicts?

Moreover, is coffee 100% harmless?

Let’s find out:

Coffee Builds Dependency

Everyone today knows that caffeine is a potent psychoactive drug, and it can be found mainly in your favorite blend. That’s the reason people use coffee to help them wake up and remain alert during the day. However, people also develop caffeine tolerance, which means that their bodies need ever-higher doses of caffeine to produce the same effect. Elevated quantities of coffee can, in turn, produce many adverse effects such as shakiness, nervousness, or even irregular heartbeat.

The problem is that, when you stop giving your body and brain what it now needs in order to be awake, it reacts. Our bodies quickly replace most other natural sources of energy with coffee, making it hard for it to make the switch when there is not enough caffeine available.

Cutting coffee cold turkey can cause serious discomfort and withdrawal symptoms such as headache, irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. This is not too different from what we hear from drug addicts during rehab.

Coffee Interferes With Natural Liver Detoxification

While a lot of studies have claimed that coffee brings many health benefits if consumed in moderation. However, when our goal is to live a healthier life free of toxins, coffee might actually work against these goals. Some of the constituents found in coffee seem to interfere with the natural detoxification processes performed by our liver.

Coffee Might Decrease Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for that feeling of happiness or wholesomeness we often feel when our lives are in order. An imbalance that affects this hormone usually leads to chronic depression and other problems. Studies show that coffee drinkers tend to show elevated secretion of serotonin in the urine, possibly affecting the natural concentration of this vital hormone in our bodies.

Caffeine may make you even more tired

Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter the body produces which has a calming effect on the nervous system among many other roles such as preventing irregular heart beats. Since the body needs adenosine, it responds by producing more adenosine receptors. But when caffeine wears off, and there is a flood of adenosine and you become even more tired than you would if you had not had any caffeine. Its quite common that an avid coffee drinker that falls asleep easily or has no energy in the later half of the day and this is why.  

What Are My Options?

Most of us need an energy boost in the morning. That’s undeniable. Plus, there is nothing better than having a cup of our favorite brew before the day starts. Fortunately, there are incredibly effective coffee replacement products that not only provide the needed energy but also bring a lot more nutrients and benefits to our morning ritual.

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