5 Proven & Factual Ways In Which You Can Find Your Life Partner 

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Finding yourself a life partner is just as important as finding the right career for yourself. In many cases, single people may be lonelier than people in romantic relationships. A life partner not only compliments you but also provides a shoulder to cry on during your time of need. 

Although finding a life partner has been shown to reduce loneliness, finding the right person can be difficult for many people. It is, therefore, essential to find someone whose values align with yours for a successful long-term romantic relationship.  

This article focuses on five proven and factual ways to find your life partner. 

1. Matchmaking services 

For a long time, matchmaking as a profession has assisted in bringing two soulmates together. Matchmaking assists you in finding a potential partner. It carefully considers what you want in a partner and then matches you with someone who meets your criteria. 

Matches provided by matchmaking services are more specific than meeting someone in person, as you both share the same relationship goals. Matchmaking also provides advice on relationships, making it one of the most effective ways of landing yourself a life partner with whom you share the same dreams and goals. Experts also recommend matchmaking services; hence they are considered more effective. If you live in or near Los Angeles, choose the best matchmaking services Los Angeles with the most affordable and quality services to guarantee you a life partner. 

2. Social media  

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have a messaging button, making it easier for people to like and comment on your picture and message you. It has helped a lot of people form relationships despite them being far away from each other. Facebook also has a button to update your romantic status; this makes it possible for future partners to find each other. 

Studies have shown that about 7% of married couples in America found love on social media between 2005 and 2012. The number has since grown, with Facebook having the highest number of couples who found love online. Many people are convinced that finding love online is just as good as finding love offline. It may even be better as you already know some aspects of their lives due to their profile. 

3. Workplace 

The workplace is also an effective way to find a future life partner. Recent studies have shown that 22% of romantic partners met at their workplace; this is 12% more than people who met on social media. When looking for a life partner at the workplace, joining your co-worker’s space or maybe in the break room during snack time is essential. 

However, meeting at the workplace might be a little problematic as rules govern the interaction between one co-worker and another. Talking to your managers or superiors about the nature of your relationship might help overcome these challenges. Some companies do not encourage workplace relationships as it may affect your effectiveness at work. Other companies encourage such relationships, although it may mean a department change for one or both parties. 

4. Through Friends 

Friends are another proven and tangible way to meet your life partner. Most people find their partners through friends or even meet at a friend’s event or party. It is one of the best ways to meet your partner as there is very little fear involved, as the person is known by others you trust. Meeting someone through friends establishes trust compared to meeting someone you do not know. 

Friends can also refer you to their single friend looking for a life partner and maybe even set you two up for a date. This is one of the most effective ways to look for a life partner as it hails from a place of friendship, which plays a significant role in romantic relationships and even marriage. 

5. Through family 

The last proven and factual way to meet your life partner is through the family. Relatives play a massive role in getting the word out when you actively search for a life partner. Interaction with your family members might help you save the date. Another way family may help you find your partner is through family events held by different family members. It enables you to interact with many people, and you might be lucky enough to find yourself a date. 

Your family might also help you organize a meet-up with someone they feel is the perfect fit for you. Although this is relatively uncommon, some cultures still practice arranged marriages. Such practices are quite common among Asians, mainly among the Indian community. They have reduced as compared to before, but they still occur as more people opt for arranged marriages. 

Wrapping up 

Life partners play a significant role in one’s life; they provide companionship and friendship, an essential aspect of human life. Therefore, choosing the right person is important, as choosing the wrong person might lead to divorce. Divorce, also known as marital dissolution, is the number one cause of depression among adults in America. 

The above are proven and tangible ways to meet your life partner. If you are actively searching for one, you can follow them to make your dating life a reality. It has been shown that people in romantic relationships are more fulfilled than those who opt to stay alone. Therefore, get a partner and enjoy the beauty of love.