Adding Glass Tile Blocks to a Shower Wall or Window

Glass Tile

Are you searching out a certainly considered one type manner to get dressed up a tumbler block shower, wall, or window? If so you will need to test out the newly brought ornamental blocks with fused glass tiles introduced to them. You can be thinking about what’s fused glass tile block, which can or not it’s used, and what designs are to be had. Read directly to study extra.

What are fused glass tile blocks? How are they made?

This product combines the splendor of ornamental glass artwork with the electricity, shape, and safety of blocks. These tiles are in my view hand crafted by glass artisans. The tiles are made by fusing layers of colored and clear glass in a kiln at a temperature extra than 1400 degrees. Since the tiles use actual colored glass they might not fade or delaminate like less expensive devices. The tiles are to be had in seventy-three transparent, forty-six opaque, and custom diachronic and iridescent shades. Once the tiles are made they may be fused to the glass blocks in any kind of custom layout.

Where can those artwork blocks be used?

The quick solution is without a doubt anywhere – however, right here are the maximum not unusual place locations those accessory blocks are used.

• BathroomShower Wall or Window- Since the blocks upload privateers and feature the electricity and shape to paintings in moist room regions those accessory tiles are often introduced to a tub wall or window project. You may not forget randomly set the devices within the wall or window or develop a stripe, diamond, or checkerboard pattern.

• KitchenWindow, Transom, Bar, or Backsplash – Kitchens are surely relevant rooms within side the residence for your own circle of how to cut glass tile relatives and entertaining. Since light, appearance, and simplicity of easy up are vital capabilities in kitchen merchandise glass block partitions and home windows have grown in popularity. Now you may upload tile accessory blocks to a window/kitchen backsplash, as an island bar, or for a separation wall inner an open ground plan.

• Front door, hallway, or foyer- Nothing makes as huge an announcement to site visitors as your front door. Most owners need the front door to be inviting, but additionally to be stable as well. To integrate fashion with characteristics do not forget the usage of the blocks as a sideline or transom after which accent the setup with the fused tiles.

• Den or Study- In a den, you will need an area this is personal and in which you may be productive. If your observation is at the facet of the residence you may integrate a preference for privateers and fashion through the usage of those ornamental accessory devices on your home windows.

• Commercial indoor partition partitions – Maybe you are searching for a completely unique convention room or partition wall for your business. You can create a clean maintained, dramatic appearance with an immediate or curved glass block wall that’s accentuated with colored, frosted, etched, or tile blocks.

What designs, sizes, and shades are to be had?

The benefit of including those tile devices is customization and creativity. Use the designs, sizes, and color alternatives mentioned beneath to make the correct praise on your area:

• Design alternatives- These tiles may be positioned in without a doubt any layout format at the blocks and extra versions may be created through the usage of exclusive-sized tiles. The maximum not unusual place layouts consist of setting the fused tiles within side the center, on a diagonal, or in a proper attitude layout.

• Color alternatives – You can select one color, 3 colors, or eight colors of unfashionable designs within side the equal tile. The tiles are to be had in seventy-three transparent, forty-six opaque, and custom diachronic and iridescent shades.

Now that you’ve got been brought to glass tile blocks the query will become why have a clean standard shower, wall or window whilst you may upload your personal custom-designed tile and flare to the project?


Mike Foci is President of Columbus Glass Block, Cleveland Window Company, Clear Choice Window & Door, Mid America Glass Block Cincinnati, Dayton, and Akron & V.P. of Eastern Glass Block New Jersey & New York. These groups are national providers and nearby installers of glass tile blocks to be used in shower, wall, or window projects. Feel unfastened to name for assistance designing and deciding on your ornamental artwork blocks for your subsequent project.