Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips | Talk

Every day, you should begin by talking to everyone. Talking to everyone reduces the likelihood that they will not leave the island and gives you more time to trade with them. Talking to everyone, especially Tom Nook, will help you progress through the game faster by allowing you to build new items for the island.

Check the recycle bin and then the Nook Stop for items while talking to him inside the resident services building. The Nook Stop is a vending machine-like device where you can check out the daily items in the shops.

Quick Walk Around

After that, go around the entire island looking for new vendors, selling new items you don’t have, and looking for the message in a bottle. This is one of the most useful Animal Crossing New Horizons hints. There will also be a glowing spot on the ground containing a bag of money.

If you dig it up and rebury it, a tree will grow that can hold three times the amount you planted it for.

The Rocks

You can also go around hitting the rocks in search of one with money. If you dig two holes directly behind where you intend to dig, there will be no recoil when you hit the rocks. If you hit it and money bags appear, keep hitting it without pausing.

If you don’t pause, you should be able to get a total of 7 bags without stopping. That should be the end of your daily activities for touring the island.

Random Items

Throughout the day, there will be presents floating in the air that you can shoot down with a slingshot. Shaking trees will grant you random items such as furniture and wallpaper. Just make sure you have a net handy in case a wasps nest falls and you need to catch it.

That could be one of the most crucial Animal Crossing New Horizons hints.

Tarantula Island

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can also visit Tarantula Island at night by purchasing a Nook Miles Ticket with your Nook Miles. Each tarantula will weigh around 8,000 bells, so plan accordingly. Remember to only pick up what is absolutely necessary.

I traveled to around five islands when I first got the game, and out of two of them at night, I got the Tarantula island, which earned me around 140,000 bells and three rows of storage.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips | Fossils

If you didn’t know, you can sell fossils instead of giving them to a museum. You can sell them for as much as 4,000 bells depending on what type they are.

These Animal Crossing New Horizons tips and tricks will help you make the most of your island and improve your gaming experience. Animal Crossing Cheats | How to Play Animal Crossing | How to Beat Animal Crossing | Tips for Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Switch Games | Gaming Tricks | Animal Crossing Cheats