Automated Content Generation: Do It Harmful for SEO?

Automated Content Generation

The process of generating the content by using software is automated content generation. While creating automated content, human beings have to show little or no involvement. In most cases, this kind of content doesn’t make sense for the readers. Nowadays, we have to focus on web optimization while doing SEO of a website. Along with optimizing the websites, we have to share relevant, valuable, and original content. If you are sharing automated content on your website, it is neither relevant nor original. If you are sharing content on your website by using an automated content generation technique, it will harm the SEO of your website. Here at Techno Maniax, we will discuss the harmful impacts of automated content generation on the SEO of your website.

Lack of Understanding of Human Behavior

If you are using an automated content generation technique, it can give impressive results regarding quantity. Anyhow, when you will read this content, you will observe the lack of common sense issues. For example, it can easily show the data relevant to quantity. Anyhow, it will fail to show a sense of emotion. When readers read this kind of content, it will not make sense. As a result, they will immediately close your website and move to another website. Google will note this behaviour of the readers. If many readers show the same behaviour, it will consider that your website is not providing anything valuable to the readers. As a result, you can’t get a higher ranking instead of working on other SEO strategies.

Lack of Opinion

By using automated content generation tools, you can get information about things’ true or false behaviour. Anyhow, you can’t use these tools to get information about the grey areas. For example, if you want to get information about a product, it will tell either it is good or not. Anyhow, it doesn’t provide any opinion about this product. When human beings read this post, they can’t get in-depth information about the product just with this information. They try to get information about the grey areas of the products too. The machine learning tools can’t cover these areas. To get complete details about these products, we require the services of human experts.

Lack of Common Sense and New Ideas

The automated content generation tools can gather information from the existing data and facts. It’s because they don’t think like human beings to generate new and fresh ideas. These tools will work on the data that we feed in them. This content may have to face some common sense issues. For example, it can change the structure of a specific thing. It’s because these tools can’t see these things. They focus on the provided information. While manipulating the existing data, these tools can get different views about things. Here, we are not saying that this data is flawed. We are saying that these tools require more automating categories.

Context and Depth Goes Down

According to a dissertation help firm, you will observe a lack of dynamic quality issues when you read content after creating using automated content generation tools. Anyhow, the look of the content will be great for the readers. Moreover, the content will also be churned in massive numbers. Anyhow, it will not go into the depth of the conversation. It just provides information about the categories. The AI tools will also stuff the keywords. These things will also create a lack of sensitive issues for the readers. You can’t encourage the readers to read the complete article. The readers will start to get bored. If they get bored, they will not spend enough time on your website. It will increase the bounce rate of your website. The higher bounce rate will last a bad impact on the SEO of your website.

Easily Distinguishable

No doubt, you can use the best machine learning tools to generate structured data. Instead of using these automated content generation tools, your content will not be subjective for the readers. This may have to face the problems of lack of art of giving opinions. For example, if you are writing an article about a product, these tools can provide helpful information about the features and look of these products. These tools can’t raise arguments or opinions about the subjects of these products. When human beings write about these products, they will reflect the wealth of knowledge about these products. They will also show a higher level of calibration and customization. Machine learning can’t show these results. Search engines and human beings can easily distinguish this kind of content. As a result, your website will lose its SEO.

Stitched Together Content

The automated content generation tools will stitch the content from various resources. While stitching content from these resources, they don’t keep a record of these resources. When you post the content without references, search engines will consider it copy-pasted content. Google and other search engines don’t like copy-pasted content. Due to this kind of content, your website may lose its SEO ranking.

On the other hand, if human beings generate content by following best SEO practices, they will not make this mistake. They keep a record of all the resources while gathering the data. Before posting these articles on the websites, they will provide the references of these resources. Due to the presence of these references, Google and other search engines will never consider it copy-pasted content.


If you are generating content for your website by using software, we call it automated content generation. To create this kind of content, human beings have to show little or no involvement. Nowadays, the success of a website depends upon its SEO. To enhance the SEO of a website, we have to improve its user experience. No doubt, speed, and user-friendly features can enhance the user experience of a website. Anyhow, content plays a major role in enhancing the user experience of a website. If you want to improve the user experience by using content, you must make it valid, original, and relevant. In the case of automated content generation, you will never get these features. Due to the lack of these features, this kind of content may last a negative impact on the SEO of your website.