Benefits to Handwritten Thank you Letters that Email Cannot Compare To


When you want the recipient to feel something for your message, a handwritten note is a way to go. The physical aspect of handwritten letters increases their worth. Opening an envelope & flipping through a letter provides a pleasurable experience that helps ground and make your communication real.

Even in the age of automated thank you cards,the personal touch of a handwritten message has not diminished. But why so! Have you ever wondered why handwritten thank-you notes are more effective than emails? Here are the reasons handwritten letters are still considered better than emails.

Reasons why Personalized Handwritten Notes are Effective

Today’s electronic alternatives to the handwritten letter lack the personal touch and depth of meaning that may be achieved through this ancient art form.


A note that is handwritten will always be memorable. Consider this: when was the most recent time you got a note written by hand from the proprietor of a company?

Thank you notes typed on a computer are not as meaningful as those written by hand. People will think back to your note, and some of them might even save it.

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Truly Personal

It’s true that nowadays the internet and email are advanced enough to allow you to address individuals by their first name. This is what the marketing industry calls “personalization.” But you can’t be as personal as you would with a handwritten note and automated software. The personal touch of a handwritten note allows you to include the recipient’s name and make a specific reference to their interests or characteristics.

Attention to Detail

Sending a note by hand shows that you care about the smallest of things. A handwritten message demonstrates that the little things, like basic manners, still count in today’s increasingly casual society. You can even write thank you notes for business

Sincere and Heartfelt 

Sincerity and emotion can be conveyed more effectively through the handwriting of a note. When you handwrite a thank you note, the brain slows down a bit, allowing you more time to think about what you are trying to say. In contrast, it is simple to type out an email or text message and then push the send button. The end product is typically a message that is more genuine and comes from the heart. Just consider the number of people who attempted to win a loved one’s heart by writing them passionate letters in the past. You don’t hear of people trying to woo one another through the use of emails or SMS, do you?

Personal Letters Set You Apart from the Competition.

It’s easy to send an email message. Direct mail items printed in large quantities require only a single design iteration before being printed in the thousands. The following are some of the channels through which your competitors interact with their clientele. How are you different from everyone else?

A handwritten letter is the best way to have your message heard when it’s time for something important to be communicated. Your consumers will be caught off guard, and if they don’t open it right away, it will be placed on top of the stack. Your target audience is unlikely to read the generic mailing your competition issued.

A Low-Cost Approach

To your surprise, writing a letter by hand need not take hours. In addition to being easy to make and inexpensive, the strong bonds they foster are ideal for establishing new personal and business connections.

Internet correspondence, such as emails, lacks the human touch. The worth of a text is proportional to the effort required to write it. However, we have established that sending a handwritten letter demonstrates your concern. Therefore, there is no replacement for the power of a pen when attempting to develop a positive relationship.

To wrap it up

It is important that time-honored customs, such as sending handwritten letters, be maintained in this day and age of rapid technological advancement.

There are several benefits to writing letters by hand that cannot be matched by the convenience of email. It is a wonderful gesture to include a note that you have written for a loved one with the package of presents that you intend to send them.

It is possible to keep handwritten letters as physical mementos, they are more personal, and the sender has greater control over the content of the letter.