Best places to start your Diwali shopping

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Diwali, the happiest and brightest holiday in India, is almost approaching. Shopping is one of the best aspects of this season. Everything gets a sparkly makeover for Diwali, from furniture and appliances to vibrant salwar kameez and saris. By sharing images from the best shopping destinations, you can support the celebration of others. As Local Guides, you know which shops have the finest offers, the newest fashions, and the tastiest treats. When you upload images while shopping for yourself or family and friends, Google Maps users will be able to see inside these locations. Share your favorite shopping spots with the world, whether you’re going to buy candy and snacks, clothes and saris, or jewels and watches. You can send cakes to India to let your relatives celebrate Diwali with joy and happiness.

Throughout the entire year, everyone eagerly anticipates this festival. This festival of lights is celebrated throughout the entire city of Delhi with utmost enthusiasm. The ideal tecs to make Diwali more memorable should be knhniqueown. Numerous Diwali markets provide excellent opportunities to purchase various goods for your family, friends, and neighbors. Here is a list of some fantastic stores for Diwali shopping. Alternatively, you can also opt to send gifts online and also can send gifts to Hyderabad to your friends and relatives. Yes. It’s time for Diwali. The holiday of lights, joy, and shopping. You did read that correctly. The most anticipated shopping season of the year begins around Diwali. Now you must be fired up and prepared to enjoy this season to the fullest. However, do you have a plan for your shopping? For the best shopping experience, preparation is essential.

The best places to shop during Diwali


Kolkata is a fantastic Diwali destination because it hosts the Kali Pooja throughout the holiday and offers a wide range of shopping possibilities. In Kolkata, Hoggs Market or New Market are excellent places to purchase clothing, especially saris. From Park Street to New Market, several street vendors sell terracotta clothing and ornate wall plaques on Chowringhee road close to the Oberoi Grand Hotel. The Ballygunge Quest Mall is a fantastic location to find all the different branded goods. You can also opt to send Diwali cakes to India from outside countries to your loved ones.


One of the best places to buy clothing is in Mumbai. Colaba Causeway and Fashion Street are the most incredible places to go shopping on the street if you’re looking for something affordable. Additionally well known for its clothing and footwear is Bandra Linking Road. Stores like Waman Hari Pethe and Tribuhavndas Bhimji Zaveri, Chira Bazaar, and Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai are renowned for jewelry. All across the city, there are several malls where you may buy branded, more expensive goods. With locations for all the big brands, High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel is undoubtedly the best choice in the city. R-city mall in Ghatkopar on the central line, Inorbit Mall in Malad on the western line, and Vashi’s R-city mall. You can purchase and send gifts online if you don’t prefer outside shopping.


Even before Diwali week, there is a shopping frenzy. Because Chandni Chowk is a one-stop shop for anything you need to buy, it is the ideal location for Diwali shopping. Another excellent location for shopping on a budget is Dilli Haat. Connaught Spot is renowned as Delhi’s best circular market and is the most excellent place to shop for branded, pricey, and high-quality goods. Palika Bazaar and Lajpat Nagar are great places to buy without breaking the bank. There is a market in Sarojini Nagar as well that sells clothing and other stuff for dirt cheap. There are online sites with the help of them you can send gifts to Hyderabad from different cities in India.

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During Diwali, Chennai has a lot to offer compulsive shoppers. There are places to buy anything, from exquisite clothing, shoes, and jewelry to traditional artifacts. The center of commerce in Chennai is Pondy Bazaar, which offers a massive selection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. There are some excellent stores in Thyagaraya Nagar where you can buy jewelry, electronics, and clothing. Several malls in the city sell branded items, including Chennai Citi Center, Spencer plaza at Anna Salai, and Express Avenue on Royapettah High Road.

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Final Words

You must make sure you are ready for the Diwali celebrations. Make your shopping list for Diwali now, and get ready for a party that will undoubtedly be memorable. By making a Diwali shopping list, you can stay prepared and get everything you need for the occasion. These websites and mobile applications offer all the necessary services you will be happy to access, from upgrading your apartment with new facilities to hiring cleaners to prepare the space for the holiday season. Furthermore, since all the personnel connected to these brands have been according to the essential health and safety regulations, you wouldn’t need to worry too much about safety and health issues.