Choosing fitted bed sheets for good night sleep


If you have plans to purchase bed sheets, it will be useful to invest in the best quality ones. Fitted sheets are considered to be wise choices. They ensure that the mattress is protected from dead skin particles, dirt or sweat left in the bed. Thus, the mattress can appear new and also be used without having to be replaced or cleaned for a long time. Choosing fitted sheets is a wise decision as it is soft on your skin, thereby improving your sleep quality.

Fitted bed sheets or flat bed sheets?

You are likely to have this question in your mind while going for shopping. Fitted bed sheets are fitted with an elastic band right around its edge, thereby making it simpler to pull onto the mattress. On the other hand, bed sheet is a rectangular fabric piece wrapped around mattress. Old regular bed sheets can be pulled off, folded and ironed quickly. But trying to get the sheet onto the mattress can be a complicated task. Fitted sheets fit tightly and stay put onto the mattress.

When to change the sheets?

This is undoubtedly a vital question that concerns your sheets, duvet covers and pillows. You do need to know as to how often to change your bed linens. The general rule is that it is to be undertaken every two weeks. During hot summer months, it is better to change it every week. This is because the human body tends to sweat much more while sleeping. Moreover, germs and bacteria attract dust mites, thus triggering skin irritations and allergies.

Mattress size

Usually, elastic bed sheets size is specified while purchasing the mattress. Hence, you can know the appropriate sheet that will fit perfectly your bed. You can be assured that fitted sheets are designed to match your mattress size. Because of elastic present in the fitted sheets, it has some leeway. It can fit those mattresses that otherwise does not match specific size precisely. Always select the right fitting mattress that will ensure good, sound sleep.

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Size in details

For conventional bed sheets, add approximately 40 cm to mattress size to ensure sufficient room for overhang. Besides width and length, the sheets may have third variable specified, namely height. When height is concerned, mattresses might differ. Conventional mattresses are designed with a height between 16 and 20 cm. On the other hand, box spring mattresses measure around 30 cm and are quite taller. You can also search for sheets for a king size bed.

Sleep comfort

The end objective is to derive undisturbed, uninterrupted, better sleep quality. Hence, before investing in new bed sheets online, make sure to identify mattress size and measure its size. In case mattress toppers are used, do remember to include the same in your size calculation. Remember, only properly fitting bed sheet can ensure superior quality comfort and relaxation while sleeping. You should not compromise on this particular aspect.

Best available fitted sheet material

Once the mattress size and bed sheet type is determined, the next task is to identify the most appropriate material. There are different types of fabrics materials available in the market. They are divided into subcategories like mixed, artificial and natural fibres. You should take the help of an expert to ensure making the right choice. Opt for organic cotton fitted bed sheets.