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What is Roblox Condo?

In the game genre known as Roblox Condo, users can design and oversee virtual residences. Players can create and furnish their own apartments in condo games, but they can also like and interact with the apartments of other players. Because they provide a special and imaginative method to play the game and enable players to exhibit their creativity, condo games are popular on Roblox. You will enjoy playing the many condo games on Roblox. Check out the list below if you want to test out the condo game. Keep in mind that you may always search Roblox for additional Kondo games.

Condo Mania

You are tasked with running a virtual condo in Condo Mania. You must manage a condo and ensure that it complies with the law. Additionally, you will have to interact with other players. Being the best at designing, furnishing, and maintaining the apartment will help you achieve the game’s ultimate aim of becoming the top condo manager.

Condo Tycoon

You are in charge of creating a virtual condo complex in your capacity as a condo developer. You construct an apartment building and rent out the units. You must oversee the tenants and guarantee their satisfaction with the flat. In order to achieve the game’s ultimate aim of becoming the condo boss, you must excel at designing, constructing, and running condo buildings.

There are other condo games on Roblox, and these are only two of them. Check out the list above if you want to try playing the condo game. Keep in mind that you may always search Roblox for additional Kondo games. You might even discover a new game you like!

How to find Roblox?

By going to the Roblox website and using the search box, you can find Kondo games. On Google or any other search engine, you can perform a condo game search. Click on a game you like to begin playing it once you’ve found it.

How do condo games work? Online multiplayer condo games let players communicate with one another in real time. Some Kondo games can be played on private servers, but they are often played on the game developer’s servers.

What advantages does playing condo offer? The primary goals of the Kondo game are enjoyment and interpersonal interaction. Some Kondo games, though, can be utilised for instruction or training. Some condo games, for instance, may instruct players on how to construct homes or manage resources.

Condominium Games Roblox Discord Servers

It is not advised for you to attempt to browse the Condominium Games Discord servers because it is a very dangerous game. It is useless to add games to Discord servers. Therefore, it is best to avoid playing such games and to abstain from joining the Discord server. You’re highly motivated, so you’d better destroy anything that boosts your self-assurance.

It’s best to join uplifting Discord servers when joining Roblox servers. You can join other fantastic servers. For instance, if Bloxburg is your favourite game, you can join the Bloxburg Discord servers.

Naturally, the Discord servers you wish to join will depend on the games you enjoy playing and the Roblox connections you have. The future launch will include Discord servers and multiplayer games.

The chaos servers for the Roblox games

You may play a variety of entertaining games on Roblox, some of which are listed below.


Vestreia is a game developed by the Wisteria team on September 18, 2018. The class of this game is Adventure and at the time of publishing this article, the last update of this game was on August 15, 2021. The game has been downloaded 35 million times and the game has been liked over 464 times.

In this game, you can explore amazing universes, fight powerful monsters, find hidden treasures and precious treasures, organize meetings and allies, and raid useless dungeons.

You can get different credentials in this game.

The real adventure begins.

This identifier can be used to identify you as a member of a group.

Treasure thief

This identification is based on a blue steel money box.


This identifier tracks your real money box.

Alpha Assistant

You get this badge when you play Wisteria in the alpha phase.

Also, different identifiers

In addition, you have several game passes, such as Bounty Hunter, Tester +16 games, two inventory spaces and +8 character games.

Join this game’s Discord server here. There are over 53k people on this Discord server.


This game was created by Century Makers on April 28, 2021. The class of this game is city and town, the server size is 25. The game has been viewed more than 461 million times and has a very high rating. 1 million times.

In this game you can choose your job, clothes and profession. Also, you can have different houses and vehicles. Playing with unusual pets and observing interesting facts are the various things you can do in this game.

Livetopia, Welcome to Friends, Good, New Career, End of the World, Mystery, Mega Match and many more features are available in this game. This game has additional game passes like VIP Pass, Carnival Pack, Summer Pass, Royal Pass and Aviation Pass.

To join a Discord server, click here to join the server.

5th level lord

This game was created by Hamza on October 12, 2019. This game has a server size of 18.

In this game you can get an ID to stay in a secret room. This game has game passes like VIP, Double Cash, Customize, Auto Collect, House Lock, Deluxe Car Pack, Hyper Car Pack, Super Car Pack, Track Car Pack.

Playwell RP

Playville RP is a Roblox game created by Antiyael on December 14, 2020. The server size is 28 and the class of this game is city and town. The game has been viewed over 110 million times and has been liked over 427k times.

In this game you have to take care of your family, raise your pets and build your house in Pleville. In this game you can get an ID, you can play this game. Additionally, several game passes such as VIP, Double Cash, Premium Plates, Starter Pack, Double Hats, Millionaire Pack and Modern Pack are available for purchase.

Join this game’s Discord server here. There are over 5k people on this Discord server.

Food simulator

This game was created by YUM on June 14, 2021. Server size is 12, game class is adventure. The game has over 39 million views and over 176k likes.

In this game you have to eat food to get oil, food upgrade and upgrade offers. In this game you can buy VIP, x2 coins, unlimited food, east speed, x2 food, +2 pet equipment, +4 pet equipment, +100 pet defense, +500 pet defense, speed. Hatch includes x2 happiness, x3 eggs and unlimited pets.

Final thoughts

That’s why condo games are a great way to relieve stress. Condo games are plentiful, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, consider playing Kondo. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have.