DIY Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

For small businesses just starting, digital marketing can be a vitally important aspect that all small business owners should strive to master, especially early on. Digital marketing is an easy way to get your business out into the world and the eyes of potential clients and customers. But unless you have a business degree, you may not know exactly where to start with your marketing practices.

Now, digital marketing does not have to be complex, but it might not be as simple as filling out your March Madness bracket. Nonetheless, some simple research and jumping headfirst into digital marketing opportunities can pay dividends for your small business, giving it immediate life and traction.

Digital marketing for your small business does not have to be expensive, and you can do it yourself. Most small business owners have more time on their hands at the beginning of their business ventures, which allows them more time to dedicate to digital marketing. As the business grows bigger, digital marketing can be handed off to a trusted employee or farmed out to knowledgeable freelancers. But until then, get comfortable doing it yourself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learning about search engine optimization can be vitally important to your small business, especially when growing and gaining client and customer traffic to your business. Suppose you do not have a visible, physical storefront. In that case, SEO will become one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing to drive customers to your website and place of business.

When thinking about search engine optimization, everyone immediately thinks of Google and being that first business or topic to pop up when someone searches the web for a certain topic. That is precisely what you need to do. You want to be that first link that pops up in Google. That might sound hard to do, and it will surely take some practice and some work, but Google levels the playing field by not being able to pay to get to the top of the list.

Any information or blog that you might write or share on your website should be geared to pop up when certain keywords and phrases are searched. For example, suppose you are opening a plumbing company in Rockford, Illinois, on your website or any blog you might write. In that case, you want to try your best to add plumbers and Rockford into the headline to easily find it when someone searches plumbers in Rockford in Google.

Do your research and find out all the different ways to use SEOs in your digital marketing scheme to help your business grow.


Blogging has become a huge topic for small business owners. Blogging gives business owners a chance to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise in their field of business. These blogs are easily shared on their websites, which helps with website SEO, and to social media where you can help get information to people and begin to drive them to your website in an attempt to convert a sale.

You do not need to be a professional writer to start a blog. Just be passionate about what you are writing about and let it flow!

Email Lists

As old-fashioned as it might seem, digital marketing through email lists is still as viable as when email was brand new. Using SEO and blogs to drive potential customers and clients to your website makes it easy for them to sign up for a newsletter or email correspondence to stay current with the happenings of your business and the information that you have to share. It might start slow, but give it time, and before you know it, your email list will be full of potential sales and clients.

Google My Business

Make sure that you sign up for a free Google My Business account. This allows a quick streamlining of your business profile into Google, allowing your business to show up on Google Map and the local section of Google Search. By doing this, enhancing your SEO will get even better. So don’t forget to sign up and keep it up to date.

All These And More

These four DIY digital marketing strategies will help you get your small business going and heading in the right direction. But there are many different digital marketing principles out there that you can continue to employ to help your business. Do a little bit of research and continue to grow your digital marketing methods as they can prove to be the most effective.