FAQs on Bottle Printing Machines  

Perhaps, you are interested in launching your new label printing machine for water bottles. This machine is generally used in food & beverage industry mainly in bottled water industry. It is designed in a manner to meet the stringent requirements of this particular industry where paper cans and plastic bottles of different shapes can be used. Photoelectric sensor of high-sensitivity is adopted to ensure accurate location of the registered label.

Other applications

This equipment does offer different types of applications. Besides completing round bottle labelling, it also takes care of the labelling needs of oval bottles, square bottles, conical bottles, flat bottles including special-shaped containers. It also suits labelling needs of different types of cylindrical objects like metal bottles, glass bottles and plastic bottles. These are meant for industries like cosmetics, daily chemical products, medicine and food items.

How to select this machine?

Identifying the very best label printing machine for water bottles or Fibre Laser Marking can be a tough task. But with tips from the experts, the research can become easy, quick and exciting. The machine is likely to be a valuable investment for your business. Also, get to know the exact purpose of its use. Do take into consideration several aspects to make sure you make the right choice. Only then will you be able to use it to the optimum.

What things to consider?

Find out what water bottle type is planned to be labelled. Also identify the number of bottles planned to be labelled in an hour. Earmark your budget to ensure not exceeding it while researching on the machines. Get to know whether your business requires an expensive, but feature-rich, fully automatic machine or will do with semi-automatic ones. The type and volume of business will actually dictate the type of machine to select for the purchase.

Machine operation tips

  • Before production, check machine function and appearance. Find out if label is clean, in good condition, if any damage exists, etc.
  • Check stability and correctness of power supply voltage.
  • Also check whether pipeline is lubricated and unblocked.
  • Check for obstacles if any in front of the machine’s feed mechanism.
  • Check if other things on the table or machine tool affect the machine.
  • Check if there is the need to clean or replace parts like nozzles, pressure pumps, filters, etc.

Few essential things to know

Label printing machine quality is what exactly determines label quality. It also affects the product’s overall sales volume. Machine price is generally based on various factors. It includes the water bottle type to print, number of colours desired to be printed. Also is taken into account the number of pieces desired to be printed per minute as well as the material to be used for the label. Besides this it will be necessary to know the label size.