Fortnite What to Expect From the Fortnitemares Event

Fortnite What to Expect From the Fortnitemares Event

Fortnitemares is one of Fortnite’s biggest events and not much is known yet this year, but it is expected to bring a new Mythic weapon and boss.

Epic Games recently announced that it will be bringing back its annual Halloween event for its battle royale, Fortnite. This will be the fifth iteration of Fortnitemares, given that the event was first introduced during Season 1 of 2017. While this year’s theme hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games yet, there’s been a lot of speculation about what new updates are going to be added. From map changes and Halloween-themed skins, to the popular shooter.

This Fortnitemares event is part of one of the first major updates to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, also known as ‘Paradise’. The update has already seen a slew of brand new mechanics, such as chrome blobs, petting tam animals, and chrome tornadoes, but what players can expect in terms of Halloween-themed festivities is a whole lot different than what they’ve already experienced. may be different from. Still, old favorites, like vaulted skins, and new experiences are equally guaranteed.

Fortnite is Delivering on Spooky Skins

Fortnite has always done well with pushing annual holiday-inspired events, with Winterfest and Fortnitemares occasions being the most popular. It looks like some Halloween skins are already doing the rounds in the Fortnite item shop, including Skull Trooper, Skull Ranger, Rage, Yellow Bone, and other scary skins.

Commonly praised for bringing back fan-favorite skins from the past, it has also been confirmed by Epic Games that at least two new skins will be making their way to its store. This information comes via a tweet from May, in which Fortnite announced two winners from its skin design competition. Within the next few weeks, perhaps before October 18, both the Sinister Glare and the Undying Sorrow skin are expected to debut in the Fortnite Item Shop, and will cost around 1,200 V-Bucks per character.

Epic Games May Be Adding New Weaponry

In terms of gameplay, Fortnite will likely follow the blueprints of previous years and include ghostly haze that can change a player’s vision, new game modes, zombies, new weapons and challenges that can be completed in exchange for rewards. Is. The 2021 Fortnitemares occasion was called the “Wrath of the Cube Queen,” in which the Cube Queen rearranged many parts of the island and wreaked havoc. During this event, a new melee weapon was introduced, the sideways dagger. While there has been no real confirmation of this, many fans are sure that at least one new weapon will be dropped during this year’s event.

While this new weapon may be the still-unreleased Explosive Goo Gun, which was revealed at the end of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass trailer, leaks from Twitter user HYPEX indicate that it could be something else entirely. Users have discovered that Fortnite’s code reportedly contains a new ammo type called “Phantom Ammo,” which doesn’t sound like something that can be used with any type of goo gun.

Players Can Look Forward To a New Fortnite Boss

Based on the tagline for the event, “Tis the Season of Screams, Nightmares, and All Demonic Things,” players may wish to prepare to introduce new monsters to the game, potentially randomly throughout the map. can pop up. Many are speculating that the boss fight will take place against a fearsome wolf-like character, as Epic Games’ Fortnitemares announcement video depicts the outline of a wolf-shaped animal with glowing eyes.

Another theory suggests that Chrome elements from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 may have something to do with the 2022 Fortnitemerce event, in which monsters evolve from matter and attack players at random. Such events may eventually involve The Herald, a mysterious and dangerous adversary who was revealed during the Chapter 3 Season 3 cinematic introduction as controlling Chrome and apparently plotting against the island. . However, it could also be that Fortnite will want to save the Herald for a time slot closer to the end of this season.

In addition, the aforementioned Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, is also claiming that, whoever this new Fortnitemares boss happens to be, will be able to summon monsters at will. When defeated, it will drop a never-before-seen legendary weapon. It’s expected that other loot will also drop, such as ammo, fireflies, consumables, and the classic pumpkin launcher from past Halloween events. In the past, players were not required to defeat bosses to obtain Pumpkin Launchers, and so it is assumed that they will be able to buy them from NPCs or find them in chests this year as well.

Like in previous years, the event is most likely to end on November 1, which gives players ample time to complete in-game quests and purchase time-sensitive skins as they go through the current Fortnite Battle Pass. Let’s move on. The recent patch will likely reveal more details about the Fortnitemares event, although there are certainly still plenty of challenges to be completed before October 18th.

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