How Packaging Design Can Make or Break Your Brand Identity


In this fast-paced and highly competitive market, product packaging has become as important as the product itself. Without proper packing of products, it is certainly not possible to differentiate objects in the market and make them stand out among the customers. In the past, these coverings were simply meant to prove protective functions. But, with the passage of time, they have taken another role, and that is to enhance the aesthetic effects of goods and make them more acceptable among the masses. In this way, they might prove pivotal in raising sales and taking them to the next level. This packaging is of great importance for the brand and might prove to be a make-or-break situation due to a number of reasons, as described below.

Impose a strong call to action:

No product is considered intact and complete for presentation without the use of proper and appropriate custom retail boxes. But here a question arises what is the retail box? It is basically a container or storage in which retail items are effectively packed. The reason why the packing is important is that the beautifully designed custom retail packaging can impose a strong call to action on customers and tempt them to make a purchase. This is of great significance from the aspect that the major purpose of running a business is to earn money, and this goal cannot be accomplished if creativity is not exhibited. For example, clear retail boxes that are either fully or partially transparent have the ability to inspire the observers. Similarly, other innovative designs can also be executed on retail countertop displays to enhance the acceptance of items. If these latest designs are not applied, then it would seem that the company is not equipped with the necessary technologies, and customers will get it as an outdated, traditional, and somehow, useless organization. That is why these custom retail boxes are regarded as the face of the corporation.

Packing is communicative:

In this age, most organizations are inclined to print their names on the containers for two major purposes. The first is to satisfy the brand consciousness of the target audience, while the second is to boost and publicized itself. This is the reason for the extensive usage of cardboard in this industry because the printing on cardboard boxes can be carried out with great ease through the latest as well as ancient technologies. Hence, this packing not performs the functions of protection and presentation but also communicates with the observers. Hence, if packing is not up to the mark, it would not be able for companies to establish their positive identity in the market. This aspect is also important from a financial point of view. As objects are being transported to distant and far-off places, retailers are inclined to make their own shipping boxes in such a manner that these distant clients might become loyal. According to research, people only believe what they see, and when they see that goods are not delivered in the most appropriate manner, they would develop a distorted image of the brand and might divert away from any further trade.

Silent salesman:

A number of packaging box manufacturers are available in the market these days because of the increasing demands of retailers. These coverings of objects are not randomly slapped but rather thorough consideration and concentration is given to the whole process. Their importance can be realized from the fact that they are regarded as a silent salesman of the brand. All the information is provided to buyers in a detailed manner by writing on the encasements, including the price of the stuff, the way to use it, its expiry date, etc. In this way, the clients do not need to ask the salesman or any other representative of the store about the details as they can get them in a convenient manner by simply reading them. When the containers act as silent salesman, the target audience is easily impressed, and this strategy creates a positive image of the organization.

Exhibits approach:

Another way in which packing can make or break the identity of the brand is its exhibits approach. Suppose, if the encasements of objects are colorful and bright, then a colorful image of the organization is established. On the other hand, if a dull and boring theme is utilized, so will the image of the organization. The positive approach is also exhibited by using retail gift boxes and presenting them to special customers. It shows the warm nature of the company.

Environment-friendly aspect:

Various printing and packaging companies are functioning in the field that is providing eco-friendly containers and environmentally safe prints to clients. When brands use such socially responsible and acceptable encasements, the development of a constructive image will not be a distant dream. On the other hand, if they stick to harmful materials and dangerous methods, the buyers will be highly disappointed, and the identity of the company will be destroyed.