How to Becoming Hafiz-e-Quran Online Easy

How to Becoming Hafiz-e-Quran Online Easy

Quran memorization is the dream of every Muslim. It is an act of worship through which one seeks the reward in the Hereafter. A hafiz is a keeper of the Quran and refers to a person who has memorized the whole of the Holy Qur’an and can recite it from his memory. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH told that a hafiz will be with the angels, accompanying them in heaven, and said:

“The one who recites the Quran and learns it by heart will be with the noble, righteous scribes (in Heaven) and the one who exerts himself to learn the Quran by heart and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.” (Narrated by Aishah, Sahih Muslim 798)

Memorizing Quran is Easy

Many people struggle with Quran memorization online and think that it is a challenging task either due to their busy lives or approaching without proper preparation. Well, the reality is that it can start hard, but with faith and the right sort of help and guidance, it will get easier. Though, it is better to start at a young age as it is easier for young children to learn and memorize. However, anyone can memorize Quran at any age.

With the ease of online Quran classes, it has now, become incredibly easy to memorize Quran sitting in your home from Online Quran Teacher at a time that suits your schedule. You just have to register yourself and start. Online Quran Academies has experienced Hafizul Quran male and female teachers who help children and adults to Hifz-e-Quran (memorize) in a comfortable manner sitting in their homes. Online Quran memorization classes are divided into 3 levels: for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students and focus on correct Tajweed Quran rules along with memorizing Quran.

So, becoming a Hafiz is not difficult, and this article is all about guiding you on how to hifz-e- Quran with ease. So, let’s get into it.

Choose a Suitable Time to Learn:

Following a proper schedule is a must. So, rise up early, offer fajr and start memorizing your lesson as morning is ideal for learning new saba (lesson) because you have a fresh mind free of stress. It also allows you to revise your lesson before reading it to your teacher, which is frequently in the evening.

And don’t forget to read your lesson at night before sleep because studies show that learning before sleeping helps remember better what you have learned after you wake up.

Set Realistic Goals and Memorize Less

You would definably want to memorize the whole Quran as soon as possible and therefore, try to memorize one or two pages every day. However, you should know that this strategy will not work because you will never have enough time to repeat, memorize, and learn 1 or 2 pages in a day.

So, be realistic, lower your expectations, and begin by memorizing three to five lines daily. And you will realize that dedicating only 20 minutes to this sort of memorization technique will work for you even on the busiest days and also allow you to learn with translation and ponder over the meanings.

Revise Learned Verses Every Day:

Give some time to revise the old sabaq (lesson) before learning the new one. This is important to strengthen the old lesson in your memory because there’s no point in moving forward if you forget your earlier lessons.

Find and Use Learning Techniques:

Finding and utilizing good learning techniques will allow you to hifz more efficiently and in less time. For example, you can first repeat the verse by looking at the Quran until you feel confident, and then repeat it without looking a couple of times. In this way, you can go further and learn a few more lines if you feel confident. Familiarity techniques are also a great way to help learn faster.

Furthermore, keep on reviewing your lessons so that you don’t forget it. You can set a day in a week to recall the entire previous lessons.

Study in a Quiet Room:

Whether you learn a single line or a few lines daily, the focus is the key, and it is only possible when you can fully concentrate on your lesson. So, study in a quiet room as it will help you maintain your focus. You study yourself or listen to the online recitations of the Qur’an, it will allow for clear listening, more precise understanding of words, and thus better absorption by your mind.

Read your Lesson to Someone:

It is complicated to do hifz on your own when there is no one to test you on your lesson. So, ask one of your parents or find a recitation buddy to listen to your recitation every day. Not only will it help in testing your lesson and giving to feedback but also provide you with confidence to recite in front of people without hesitation, which tends to make recitation mistakes for many people. However, it is better to do it with someone who is also memorizing to generate a peer pressure system.

Always Ask for Allah’s Help:

Last but not least, regularly make dua to Allah almighty to help you with your memorization, grace you with patience and willpower to complete this beautiful virtue.

Concluding Thoughts

It does not matter if you are a child or an elder, live a busy or free life, you can memorize the Quran at any age and in any circumstances. The key is consistency, dedication, and implementation of a well-thought-out framework. It is a repeat, repeat, repeat, over and over again because it is repetitive recitation and/or listening that will help to memorize. So, you should not be running after memorizing Quran quickly but learn Quran online in a way that is due, with a proper understanding of it.

And remember there is no magic trick, it will take a lot of hard work, but in the end, you will be blessed immensely. It will increase your Imaan, and your Taqwa and boost your self-esteem.

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