How to Monitoring Website Performance

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Every time a major website experiences technical difficulties, news about it spreads quickly.  That’s why nearly every big company in the e-commerce space employs a website monitoring service.

Companies who are doing well realise that every minute their website is down is money they don’t have, and that’s why they invest in website monitoring: to cut down on the amount of money lost annually. When it comes to website functionality, though, what’s the deal? Is it as crucial as maintaining a live website?

There are a few things to think about before assuming that simply being aware of website outage is sufficient. If you are looking for a professional website development company than you can contact Web Development India with talented team of website developers and web designers.

Differences in Website Downtime and Performance

If your website is offline, you’re losing potential business. It’s common sense to do so. But what happens if the performance of your website is subpar? It’s possible that your site can still generate revenue, but the bigger concern is whether or not visitors will stick around long enough to buy something. Customers are aware that a website is down and may choose to try again at a later time.

If your website is slow, your customers may give up, thinking that slowness is the norm for your business, and never return to make a purchase. This is why uptime and performance metrics should be tracked by any website monitoring solution you implement.

What Happens to Your Site When Performance Is Bad

Losses related to poor site performance may be more difficult to quantify than those caused by downtime, which can be assessed in terms of lost sales per minute your site was down. If it takes more than three seconds for a page on your site to load, visitors will likely leave in frustration.

If it takes more than five seconds for your pages to load, visitors will likely abandon your site for one of your rivals.

It’s easy to see why monitoring your website’s performance in addition to downtime is so important to your company’s success online.

Quantitative Analysis

How much, exactly, does slow loading time affect your website’s revenue? Unlike the cost of downtime, this can be difficult to predict. Let’s start with the assumption that page loads on your site are one second slower than normal.

A one-second delay often leads to a seven percent drop in conversions. There will also be a reduction of 11 percent in the average number of pages each visitor visits. Profits will go down and client satisfaction will go down if your site isn’t up to par.

If your website typically makes $50,000 per day in sales, a loss of those numbers would amount to $1.25 million per year. That’s why it’s important for your website monitoring service to use techniques that track more than just uptime, such how well your site converts visitors into buyers.

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Using an Appropriate Website Monitoring Service

If you employ a service that checks your site’s performance in addition to its availability, you’ll know if any pages are slow to load.

When it comes to website monitoring and alerting, Alertra is the industry standard. We keep an eye on how well and how often Internet-enabled gadgets work. The Alertra website monitoring service notifies you of any problems with your website immediately and gives you access to comprehensive reports.

From sole proprietorships to multi-national conglomerates, we provide the same high-quality monitoring services to organisations of all sizes.