How to Turn off or on Notification Silence Messages on iphone?

Notification Silence Messages on iPhone

In this techno age mobile phones are our best companions and we have it all the time with us be it, working, sleeping, etc. And sometimes this device also becomes a distraction for the users, especially when the users are trying to focus on something. 

Fortunately there is a way which the users can use so that they do not get disturbed by the notifications on their iphone device. The users in this blog are going to know about the same, as in this blog we are going to tell the users how ios 15 notifications silenced so that they can focus on their work. 

But before knowing how the users can silence the notifications the users need to know what does has notifications silenced mean, answering to this the users need to know that it is a feature which let the users silence the notifications on their iphone device so that it does not disturb the users. 

Turning off Notifications for the User on iphone 

For the initial step the users need to open the settings on their device and then they need to hit on notifications option. 

The users need to scroll down and then they need to look for messages option and then move ahead to toggle the allow notifications option so that they will not receive the notifications and they will not be disturbed. 

Instead of silencing the notifications the users can do a setting which will let the users get only sound alert of the notifications and the users will not see the notifications. 

For this the users need to keep the notifications on then the need to click on sound option from the settings. 

The users now have to opt for none option and then they have to look for vibrations option and then they need to tap on it. 

After selecting none option the users will be able to disappear the notifications and they will get only sound alerts for the notifications they have been receiving on their device. 

Turning off the Notifications from a Single Person for the Users on iphone 

Sometimes users do not have issues with notifications but with notifications from a certain person which is bothering them and the steps for the same can be found by the users in this blog given below. 

The users are supposed to open the messages app on their devices and then they need to click on the name of the contact or the number from which they want to restrict the notifications. 

The users need to enable the toggle of hide alerts which will silence the notifications of that person who is bothering the users and can finish the procedure for notifications silenced on iphone.  

We hope that the information which we have provided for the users in this blog has been beneficial for them and using it the users were able to silence the notifications of the iphone device they are using but this will only happen when the users will execute all the steps with care.

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