How to Write a Dissertation Proposal?


A research proposal is just what it sounds like: a well-written paper outlining your future research project. It is where you get the whole thing prepare and convincing on paper that has been moving in your thoughts. Since we know that a good research paper needs a goo proposal for that. In order to write a valid research paper, a clear and authentic research proposal is necessary. 

To make your research proposal successful, you need to satisfy your controller that your research is clear and brief. There are many steps like giving proper research ideas and questions that give direction to your work. You can take help from online websites available by the university like Dissertation Help Leeds for your work.

Steps to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Before starting any research proposal you need to organize yourself by asking some questions. However, if you are not able to answer these questions, you are not ready to write a good research proposal.

These questions include that what is the main question for your research. Why your research is important and how you will conduct it (data and analysis method). The very last question is how I will complete this work within the timeline present in the proposal.

So, if you have the answers to all of these questions, you can easily start to write your work up. Following are some steps which will help you to write a good proposal for your research. With the help of this proposal, you can get permission or perform your research work in future.

Title Head

The title of your research should be the same as the topic of your research. You can give a small and simple title by using the keywords from the topic. Moreover, your title must point out your research aim and what your research is really about using broad terms.

The correct title will give your proposal a clear picture that will help the reader to understand the research. Moreover, by reading the title, the reader will know what they can expect from the research. However, your title does not need a detail of the research, your proposal can explain it well ahead.


In this step of the research proposal, you will expand the topic in different paragraphs. These paragraphs contain more information about your topic in detail. Moreover, the main focus of your introduction is the topic. What your research is about and why it is important to conduct it?

The introduction part of the proposal describes the aim and objectives of the research. It clearly identifies the purpose behind conducting the research. The introduction part presents the questions to be answered at the end of the research. These questions need to be clear, simple and realistic.

Moreover, always keep in mind that a good writing paper is one which is understandable by all the readers. So, always try to keep it simple and brief.


In this step, you will highlight the importance of your research topic and why you will conduct this research. This part shows the gap in research topics which leads to the choice of this research paper. The scope of research in a proposal can also be called delimitations.

However, this part needs to clearly present the factors you will discuss or cover in your research paper ahead.  As well as, it will discuss what factors will not be a part of the paper. Moreover, this technique will help you to keep your focus straight on your topic.

In your research proposal, you do not need to address many issues. Instead of this, you just focus deeply on the key points of your title. This will help you to narrow down your research and will help you to achieve good marks in your work. So, never be afraid to narrow your research down.

Literature Review

In the literature review section of your proposal, you have to give a brief discussion about the background of the topic. But this will not be a replacement for the literature study you do for your dissertation proper. It will only help as a solid introduction to that chapter. In fact, the work that you will do here will be helpful when you will write the dissertation literature review. To produce a valid literature review you have to prove to the audience that you have a complete understanding of the topic. Ensure that you have read up on the issue and understand where things are in terms of research.

You also have to prove why your study is important by representing that the current literature is incomplete. Also, you can identify how these lacking will be a part of your research work. You can also show how your understanding of study design is influenced by your reading of the previous literature. You may, for instance, use current rating scales or studies.

Research Design

As we know, in the above work you have given a clear structure of your research work. However, you have a clear topic and a thorough review of previous literature in your hand now. So, in this step, you have to practically define the method through which you will be conducting your research. These methods include the criteria for inclusion and the technique you will use in your research for data collection and analysis. You can name this step a research design.


By wrapping up this blog, we can conclude some important aspects of the dissertation proposal. You have to justify your choice of topic. After you need to give the objective of conducting this research. You can take help from previous research and use them in your discussion ahead. 

Your method of conducting research should be accurate, simple and realistic. To write a successful proposal, you have to follow all the necessary steps. However, to develop a complete understanding of these steps, you can follow the Dissertation Writing Services website. These websites can help you to understand how a good research proposal looks like.