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Joes Daemen is the son of Joes Daemen, who serves as the CEO, organiser, and lender of Somerset Capital Partner, a Dutch equity firm. Additionally, after spending 28 million dollars on the seat, he became the Best Dad Ever by letting his child travel to space instead of him.

Who is Joes Daemen?

CEO and Founder of Somerset Capital Partners is Joes Daemen. He received his Master of Science in Agriculture Economics and Marketing from the University of Wageningen, where he studied. Joes started working as a representative of the financial industry sector soon after graduating. Joes launched his own speculative stock fund, Somerset Capital Partners Value Fund, in 2009. Joes has combined his activities as a financial supporter of the monetary, private value, and inland business sectors under the name of Somerset Capital Partners.

Joes Daemen Age

Joe Daemen might be in his mid-50s. He has kept most of his information hidden, including his life narrative. The height of Joe’s Daemen is ordinary. He measures 173 cm in centimetres, 1.73 m in metres, and 5.11 in feet.

Joes Daemen Family

As we mentioned earlier, Joe Daemen has not found information on his parents and other family members. His parents are unknown. Oliver Daemen is his child right now. The astronaut on Jeff Bezos’ space voyage is named Oliver.

The couple also has a young girl named Charlotte in addition to Oliver. It should be clear that Joes Daemen genuinely loves his children since, regardless of wealth, sending your child to travel to space instead of you is a wonderful and loving father-child act.

Joes Daemen Education

He then enrolled in Wageningen University & Research, where he earned his bachelor’s in economics in 1994. After that, he started focusing on his business career. Joe is now a prosperous businessman and investor.

UniversityWageningen University
EducationBachelor’s degree

Joes Daemen with his wife and son

Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEline Daemen-Dekker
SonOliver Daemen

Joes’ ideal partner is Eline Daemen-Dekker. She currently works as a diplomat for her better half’s organisation and used to be an aircraft steward with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The organisation, which was founded in 2017, aims to aid in the advancement of ability improvement and to aid the defenceless. Oliver sent a new video message in which he expressed his desire to travel to space. He claims that because he is only 18 years old, he will become history’s youngest space explorer. “I have been fantasising about this my entire life,” he says.

The youngest space traveller stated that he was unable to hang on long enough to experience zero gravity. Oliver Daemen, who has loved the universe since he was four years old, plans to focus on physical science and development at the Dutch university of Utrecht.

joes daemen wife and son

Joes Daemen Son

Oliver Daemen, a native of the Netherlands, will have a profound impact on the world this week. He will become the youngest space traveller ever (incredible Alyssa Carson, who was the most youthful space explorer in preparing). Oliver, a committed student of material science, will also make history as the first person to travel to space for a fee on a US commercial space flight, Blue Origin.

Actually, Jeff Bezos was the one who came up with Blue Origin, and the complete announcement was made last Thursday (fifteenth July). Oliver earned the pilot seat for the July 20th trip after the unidentified winning bidder decided, given the option, to fly on a future New Shepard expedition due to a disagreement regarding planning.

Joes Daemen Career

CEO and Founder of Somerset Capital Partners is Joes Daemen. He received his Master of Science in Agriculture Economics and Marketing from the University of Wageningen. Joe started working as a specialist in the financial industry field soon after graduating. After selling the prior business, he focused on land improvement, ventures, and private worth, paying particular attention to coordinated operations land. Joe launched his own complex investment, Somerset Capital Partners Value Fund, in 2009. Joe has unified his activities as a financial backer in the monetary, private value, and inland business sectors under the name of Somerset Capital Partners.

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An unidentified person spent $28 million at a public auction to obtain the honour of being the first person into space. We can assume that Joe’s bartering offer was in the multi-millions because he had the opportunity to make the travel arrangements following the person’s abrogation. We acknowledge that he most definitely has a fortune worth billions of dollars given his organisation and space flight news. He recently won the $28 million on offer in a public auction to guarantee the place for his child on Jeff Bezos’ space trip.

Joes Daemen Wiki

NameJoes Daemen
Age57 years (as of 2022)
Nick NameJoe
Date of Birth24 October 1964
EthnicityDutch white
CollegeBernardinus University
UniversityWageningen University
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEline Daemen-Dekker
Net Worth$1.5 Billions

Joes Daemen Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight66 kgs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBrown

Joes Daemen has a healthy body weight of 66 kilogrammes, or 120 pounds, and is a healthy height of 5 feet 7 inches, or 1.73 metres. His eyes are dark, and he has brown hair. He has a conventional physique. In the US, he wears an 8 shoe size. Joes is an authority in the finance industry. His overall physical condition is good.

Joes Daemen Net Worth

The assets of Joes Daemen as a whole are currently being audited. However, as of 2021, according to the website, Netherlands land financier Daemen’s total assets are estimated to be worth between $500 million and $1.2 billion. However, because Joe’s company is held in secret and information about his wealth is not public, it is difficult to determine his his total assets. In any case, when someone had given up their chance, Joe had the choice of taking Oliver, his son, on the Blue Origin space mission.

Joes Daemen Lifestyle

The information of Jeff Bezos’ space voyage has just flooded the internet. Oliver Daemen, Daemen’s adolescent son, is now in space and is the youngest person to have done so. Many of us could think about how much he paid for the flight. However, neither Daemen nor the Blue Origin company have disclosed the amount he paid for the flight, although it has been estimated that he made an instalment payment of $28 million. He undoubtedly spent a significant sum of money to fulfil his child’s wish.

Joes Daemen Photos

joes daemen

Joes Daemen Facts

  • On October 24, 1964, in North Braband, Netherlands, Joes Daemen was born.
  • He identifies himself as the driving force behind Somerset Capital Partners, a private equity firm.
  • In 1994, he completes her education at the Bernardinus School and Wageningen University and Research.
  • Eline Daemen Dekker is the name of his significant other.
  • His annual total compensation is between $500 million and US$1.5 billion.
  • His annual income ranges from $500 to $1.5 billion.
  • Daemen has also teamed up with a number of renowned businesspeople and investors for his company.
  • Oliver Daemen, son of Jeff Bezos, praised him and said, “That was Great,” as he exited Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard rocket safely.
  • Oliver spent 10 minutes and 18 seconds in space with Jeff Bezos and the rest of the crew, according to Wikipedia.
  • According to his company profile, Joes Daemen also started the Somerset Capital Partners Value Fund in 2009.
  • Because he is a prosperous businessman, he is well knowledgeable about the financial industry.
  • He frequently shares motivational quotes and images showing growth rates on his social media sites.
  • More than 28 individuals work at Somerset Capital Partners.
  • Daemen loves hanging out with his friends.

Joes Daemen FAQs

Who is Joes Daemen?

The CEO and Founder of Somerset Capital Partners, a private value reserve that is typically focused on the land area, is Joes Daemen. Oliver Daemen, his child, is expected to make history by becoming the youngest person to travel to space thanks to the New Shepeard mission of Blue Origin.

From where did Joe Daemen complete his education?

He obtained his Master of Science in Agriculture Economics and Marketing at the University of Wageningen.

What news about Joe’s Daemen flooded the Internet?

The web is flooded with new information regarding Jeff Bezos’ space mission. Oliver Daemen, Daemen’s teenage son, is also travelling and is the youngest person to travel to space.

What is Daemen’s total net worth?

The estimated value of Daemen’s total assets ranges from $500 million to $1.2 billion.

Who is Joes Daemen Wife?

Joes’ ideal partner is Eline Daemen-Dekker. She currently works as a representative for her significant other’s company and previously worked as an aircraft steward with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

What does Joes Daemen do?

He is Somerset Capital Partner’s owner (a Dutch equity firm). This business is situated in the Dutch city of Oisterwijk. This company was founded with the intention of developing real estate, interest, and investment. He made a sizable investment in the Somerset Capital Partner Value Fund.

Who is Oliver Daemen father?

Sun chose to board a later flight, making Joes Daemen, the father of Daemen, the lottery winner. Oliver received the seat after Joes had paid for it. At the age of 18, Daemen broke Gherman Titov’s multi-orbital record set in 1961 and became the youngest person to go in space on July 20, 2021.

How much did Joes Daemen pay?

What did Joes Daemen spend to send Oliver Daemen into space? Although the precise amount has not been made public, it was likely in the millions. This year, 20 bidders opened the live auction at $4.8 million, and the price rose in $1 million increments after that.


We have covered all of Joes Daemen’s characteristics in this post; he is a very successful businessman. All information about his personal and professional life has already been mentioned.