Know the Differences between PLC Panels V/s Purged Panels

Purged Panels

In every residential or commercial site, there is a need for panels through which you can connect circuits providing power to different units. For example, a power panel at your home contains circuits that supply electricity to every room, garage, and other parts of the building. Thus, you can infer that every electric device, equipment, or fitting can only work if your panel has flawless connections. 

A significant thing to note here is that all the buildings can not function with the help of similar panel categories. Some may get satisfactory services with the fundamental power panel without additional features. However, others may require extra functionalities. Commercial sites especially need something that is highly efficient in accommodating the load of their industry. The latest and most popular option you can find these days are PLC panels. They have computing capabilities and are highly reliable in providing perfect readings. Apart from these panels, you have Purged panels, which allow safe connections in areas with conductive dust, corrosive gases, and flammable materials. 

Difference between PLC and Purged Panels

It is fruitful for every buyer to know the difference between the detailed specifications of each one of these panel options. This information will help you determine which panel would be apt for you and how it can help! Therefore, we have given details about their functioning and features below for better clarity.

PLC Panels

PLC is abbreviated to the programmable logic controller. It is a highly programmable panel capable of providing higher output, consuming less power. Therefore, your total utility bills will reduce, as it doesn’t consume much electric power. Moreover, you can rest assured that all the connected appliances will function well. This latest machine carries out processes according to the images processed. It is an excellent upgrade with the help of artificial intelligence and automation in the power panel industry. 

Some of the features of these panels are:

  • It has NEMA 12,4 or 4X enclosure type and comes in freestanding or wall mount options. 
  • PLC panels can literally work with fewer inputs, providing hundreds of outputs efficiently.
  • All the wiring and connections are neat, which reduces the need for maintenance and reliability.

Let us discuss the details of Purged Panels. 

Purged Panels

The Purged panels come in an enclosed machine that contains all the wirings, keeping the connections hidden. This feature makes these panels fruitful for places with flammable or corrosive gases, conductive dust, or anything hindering the panel from working. Furthermore, it works based on the fire triangle principle, providing the utmost protection to the building. They do so by controlling the elements that cause fires, including:

Fuel: it removed all the combustible and explosive gases through the purging process

Ignition: It cuts off power before capable apparatus ignition

Oxygen: It jackets the surrounding with neutral gases, preventing exposure to air which may cause fair outbreaks.

Industries opt for these panels more than residential building owners, as they have more fear of gases and conductive dust particles. 

Some of the features of these panels are:

  • They are efficient for chiller units and safe area corrosion prevention
  • You can use them for transformers up to 100KVA 
  • You can get the enclosure in any size as your product can get engineered according to your requirements
  • There are purge panels that come with an air conditioner

All this information makes it convenient for the user to determine which panel would fit his requirements. You must look for reliable sellers providing the panels of your choice and invest in a premium setup that keeps your electric fittings sorted. Educate yourself and make wise decisions to avoid future disappointments and potential disasters.