Are Low Budget Segments Programming Laptops Even Worth Buying?

The third quarter of 2020 saw an increase in laptop shipments by 9.2% over the past year. Programming laptops belonging to the low-budget segment have contributed a huge number out of these. Thus, one can say that there has been a massive demand for these laptops, which is not surprising given their utilities.

A low-budget programming laptop may not provide top-notch specs and features, but it can still handle most lightweight coding operations. Still, you should only buy the best laptop under 40000 apt for programming if it fulfills the following requirements.

Considerably Powerful Processor

A developer or a programmer needs to multitask and may require opening several IDEs in addition to a browser with multiple tabs opened. Therefore, a good processor must carry out these tasks smoothly and deliver a glitch-free experience to the users.

The best laptops for programming come equipped with high-end processors, which ensure their users would not require frequent upgrades and help in code compilation.

Sturdy Keyboard and Quality Touchpad

Programmers usually need to spend long hours coding on their laptops. Therefore, apart from the internal hardware of these devices, the keyboard and touchpad also require a considerable amount of emphasis. Nevertheless, programming laptops available in the market come with a comfortable keyboard having good quality and sturdy keys.

If a low-budget option lacks a high-quality laptop keyboard, programmers will do well to invest in an external keyboard. Similarly, they can also connect a mouse to such laptops to avoid wearing out the touchpad with continuous usage.


There might be a need for programmers to run virtual machines and heavy IDEs. Applications run on a programming laptop occupy considerable space and consume a significant amount of memory. The RAM of a programming laptop ensures that processing all these simultaneously does not hamper a laptop in any way.

Web developers can opt for laptops with around 4 GB RAM as their work doesn’t involve much compiling and running heavy development software. At the same time, software developers can opt for a laptop with 8 GB RAM as they have to process emulators, IDEs, and virtual machines for compiling high RAM consuming projects.

Display Specifications

Screen quality matters a lot for programmers, as they need to stare at the display for prolonged periods. In the programming laptop segment, the best laptop under 40000 comes in various screen sizes with numerous options available for the 15-inch variant and 13 inches or 14 inches variant.

Apart from the screen size, several other varieties that the programming laptops feature, like the screen resolution. Software and game developers can choose a laptop with a full HD screen.

The high resolution, which several programming laptops have, ensures minimal strain on the eyes. Texts and other visuals are projected clearly, thereby aiding programmers to do their best work. Irrespective of the display type, the programming laptops with a matte screen tend to produce fewer reflections.

A high-resolution screen may result in a laptop’s prices skyrocketing. However, interested individuals can take the help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, which would help ease the financial pressure during the purchase with access to instant credit of up to Rs.2 lakh.


The nature of the storage and its capacity plays a significant role for programmers as they perform tasks like operating system boot-up, code compilation, project loading, and other memory-intensive activities.

Programmers must opt for the best laptop under 40000, which features a solid-state drive (SSD). These laptops provide considerable improvements in performance as compared to a standard hard drive.

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If the model you are about to purchase fulfills all of the criteria mentioned above, it could be a worthy computer for a programmer under a tight budget.