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When you feel the internet is the only support to keep growing and it does not work or run fatly. Then you can clearly get an idea that the internet speed is having some network issues. Or some other reasons which might be stopping you. No, worries as we are up with many troubleshooting tips. 

Unreliable Connections

Some connections are unreliable and the root cause of slow down and because of which there is a constant dropping of the signal frequently, as this issue is like we cannot live with this forever. However, It is a necessity these days rather than a luxury.

Poor Router Position

The router can really make a difference in the wireless transmissions. But, it depends on the perfect spot of your home. If you will cover up your device under a drawer or somewhere inside a cupboard. Behind the Walls, bookshelves, and cupboards can damp your device.

The goal is to get your main devices close to the routers possibly. Under the circumstances, Main device consoles the laptop and needs to apply some connection cable to get the router to some better place. In terms of physical proximity the device needs bandwidth in terms of priority like thermostats and bandwidth.

You have to put the closet into the router. Figure out the high priority location devices. It’s worth considering the router instead of purchasing a new one.

Usage of the devices which transmit electromagnetic waves for example, wireless keyboards and microwaves. If you don’t have any flat surface, then you can hang it on a wall.

Band or Channel Needs a Switch Off

It automatically picks the best channel brand. To make a connection with a device. But a specific channel is necessary. It supposedly leads to some sort of congestion. Check the manuals as the proper guidelines are mentioned if you want to change it manually.

To switch the channels you need to change the access. On your mac computers or windows you may use the wireless Diagnostics. As with these diagnostics you can easily compare the best local channels to use. However, you can do it just by entering the IP address in the web browser.  

You can be selective about the bands. Henceforth, it depends on the product type and placement of the router.  Routers these days have dual-band technology; which can affect the speed of your internet. It provides 2.4 GHz and 5GHz internet speed. However, 5GHz is a fast connection but you can’t exceed its speed so far.

Update The Device

On the other hand, to update the device it’s worth logging the router to download the most modern routers. Make sure that the router is going forward in the settings. And make sure they are going in the automatic forward settings.

Extenders Kits Powerline With Ethernets

They are basically the physical connecting base for each other. They are capable of serving so well. In addition, It is a well established technology which is improving Plug an Ethernet cable to a wall socket and connect it to the router. The other wire you need to plug into the area where you want to transfer the connection.  

For Better Stability Secure Your WiFi

You have not set any password for the Guest WIFI network; However, You think WIFI network password is secure? This question is important, as you will not be aware that many people are having these guest networks.

Many unknown users or activities might be sucking your WIFI bandwidth. Your unprotected network is sneaked by the neighbors, which are using the WiFi network in small amounts. In an apartment or a building it happens very often.

Make sure you set up a password moreover, to keep your Wi-Fi secure and use AES encryption that is both user-friendly and safe.

Ensure to keep an Antivirus Software

Malware and viruses are a signal of big danger for your computer. as a result can really cause internet connection issues. To run the internet faster and just keep your computer free from malware and download antivirus software. 

To keep your router updated, firmware should be secure and updated.  If you’re using a rockspace wifi extender or router, you can update the firmware at Rockspace settings portal. In case you face the error of re.rockspace.local not working, check your password. The WIFI strength and quality will automatically be upgraded here,  efficient anti-virus software which helps in reducing unnecessary activities. 


We hope after reading the article, your many problems regarding the wireless networks and slow internet may not occur again. Therefore, if you still face the issues you can go for a rockspace extender setup. It will definitely help you with the speed of the internet. 

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