MBBS In China Fee Structure 2022

MBBS in China Fee Structure 2022

Chinese MBBS

China MBBS is one of the world’s leading medical destinations and offers two medical programs for medical applicants. The first program, known as MD (Doctor of Medicine), takes three years, while the second university program includes five years of theoretical and practical training and one year of internship. 45 medical colleges in China are accredited by leading medical institutions such as PMC, WHO, and IMED.

Full tuition fees for MBBS 5+1 year program are very affordable up to RS 300,000 for Pakistani students with world-class medical facilities. After the MBBS program, medical students who wish to practice medicine in Pakistan must take the NEXT (National Exit Test). This is a mandatory medical license test in Pakistan. MBBS in China also allows medical students to work in China with an attractive salary of 65% higher than Pakistani standards and a decent healthcare system.

Here are some quick facts about the Chinese MBBS program for Pakistani students

  • at an affordable price
  • better infrastructure
  • Qualified MDCAT required
  • of 20 lacquers
  • Minimum admission requirements
  • Scholarships up to 40,000 per year
  • Recognized by PMC, FAIMER, and WHO.
  • Most medical schools in China are funded by the government.
  • 45 Chinese medical schools are accredited by the Pakistan Medical Council.

MBBS Course Length, Qualifications, and Admission Procedure

MBBS in China is a 5+1 year program with 1 year of clinical practice. Under the Foreign Medical License 2021, students are required to participate in a mandatory one-year rotational internship in Pakistan after passing the NEXT1 exam.

Every university in China has different admission criteria.

Medical colleges recruit Pakistani students for MBBS in China based on three criteria:

Applications are accepted with the highest score of 12

Applications are accepted based on 12% and MDCAT scores.

MDCAT scores are assigned a weightage.

To maintain the quality of Chinese education, most universities prefer that at least 65-70% of students pass 12th. Only a few colleges are lower than that.

Students applying for MBBS in China must be 17 years of age by December 31 of the year they apply for admission.

Students must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in class 12 or equivalent.

Medical graduates from Pakistan applying for MBBS in China must qualify for MDCAT.

MBBS Cost in China in 2022

An MBBS in China Fee Structure 2022 is very affordable compared to countries like UK and US. Also, the cost of MBBS in China, where the university offers the program, is about 50% of the cost of the lowest private medical colleges in Pakistan. The average tuition fee for MBBS China in 2021-2022 is RMB 30,000 (RMB 1 = RMB 11).

S.No      Name of the Medical University Tuition Fee/Year              In RS

1              Jilin University   33,000 RMB/Year             3,46,000 RS/ Year

2              Capital Medical University           50,000 RMB/Year             5,25,000 RS/ Year

3              Yangzhou University       30,000 RMB/Year             3,15,000 RS/ Year

4              Fudan University              75,000 RMB/Year             7,87,500 RS/Year

5              Guangzhou Medical University   30,000 RMB/Year             3,15,000 RS/Year

6              Harbin Medical University            30,000 RMB/Year             3,15,000 RS/Year

7              Nantong Medical University        26,000 RMB/Year             2,73,000 RS/Year

8              China Medical University              40,000 RMB/Year             4,47,920 RS/Year

9              Qingdao University         30,000 RMB/Year             3,15,000 RS/Year

10           Nanjing Medical University          34,000 RMB/Year             3,57,000 RS/Year

MBBS classes in China for Pakistani students

MBBS in China is a great deal for Pakistani students. MBBS fees in China are very affordable compared to countries like the UK and the US. The university’s MBBS program fee is also about 50% of the lowest tuition fee for private medical schools in Pakistan.

The average Chinese MBBS tuition fee for the 2021-2022 session is 30,000 yuan (1 yuan = 11 rupees). The annual life rate starts from 4,500 to 5,000 Yuan. These affordable housing options are available on campus. Therefore, student safety is not an issue for parents who send their guardians to study abroad. On average, a student spends 800-900 yuan a month on food, which seems very reasonable.

Flights with wooden seats connect the two countries, making it easier for students to travel. We recommend that you book your flights in advance to get relatively cheap tickets.

Why study MBBS in China?

  • Over the years, Chinese medical education has attracted students. Every year, many Pakistani students go to China to study medicine.
  • The country is technologically and medically advanced to learn new techniques
  • The PMC approves 45 public universities.
  • Universities are the first in the world
  • Simple admission procedure without admission tests
  • MBBS in China is affordable
  • Universities offer scholarships to students
  • The cost of living is reasonable
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • The duration of the MBBS course in China is 5 + 1 year (including 1 year of clinical practice)
  • The internship in China is valid in Pakistan
  • Extensive international exposure
  • China is a developed country and universities have the world-class infrastructure to offer their students
  • Many Pakistani students who already study MBBS in China create a sense of unity among the new students.
  • MBBS degrees issued in China are recognized all over the world
  • China’s diverse culture offers students the opportunity to learn
  • Tourist relations between the two countries are very developed because we are close.
  • China is a safe place to live