Nimbus platform and the people behind it: Andrea Zanon, David Mazaheri, Fernando Martinho

1. Domain: 

Updated Date: 2020-05-10 Creation Date: 2020-03-10 Registry Expiry Date:2023-03-10Registrar:NameCheap, Inc.

Registrant Name:Registration Private

Red flag:

  • Registered as personal, not business.
  • Less than a year left until the domain expires.
  • NameCheapare some of the most used domains for scams.

2. Website:

image 15
  • Nothing special. Basic information and no visual effects.
  • Our check found thatthere are articlesin their given social networks:–––

  • A review of the YouTube channel found only 13 videos in 2 years, which is absolutely frivolous for a “company” that claims to be a TOP leader in its field, large advertising companies and “many followers”.
image 31

A quick check shows a very clear inaccuracy to this information above:

  • Website details are very important. In this one they claim that there are 15 strategies, and in the other places on social networks that there are 16. How many are there in the end?
  • They claim that their followers are over 50,000, but the facts show something completely different.
  • On Twitter, a label with the location Malta is visible. It’s an offshore area, you know what it’s for, we’ve already mentioned it. It includes (to the sack areas) UAE, Russia, Cyprus, Virgin Islands, Panama, Great Britain, etc.
  • It’s also not super prestigious to like the post yourself, as indicated by the arrow in the bottom right of the photo.
image 27

3. Services and Product

  • There is no real product. Only % of token stake available.
  • Affiliate Program:
image 15
  • Notice they ask for a minimum of $350 to join!
  • Note that the affiliate plan already at the 1st level is 50%. In total, all % are 222%!
  • Notice that their NBU/GNBU token pair has a 0% yield! This is unheard of! Each platform holds its own tokens or coins. Another proof that the token is worthless and has no real application.
  • Let’s see the new plans from July 1, 2022:
image 21
  • Let’s also see the SWAP system:
image 19

4. Team

According toNimbusit is not important to see who is involved in the team and there is no information on the website. We can only orient ourselves on social networks and videos of who’s who! Great transparency right from the start, and this information is of utmost importance for future investors and the reliability of the platform.

image 6

It all starts with the arrival ofAndrea Zanon, who is the original CEO of the company. According to his information and biography, he is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Fluent in Italian (native), English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. He has international recognition for his work worldwide and is the recipient of the 2009 Clean Technology Award from the President of Italy. He was an award-winning World Bank Project Manager in 2012 and a 2016 World Bank Big Data Analytics Award.

image 11

Indeed, this is a person who clearly understands his work and people recognize in him competence and security for their investments. Finally a real platform that one can be happy with and make enough money to make their life easier!

Unfortunately, only a few months later, he realizes that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We don’t know how he got involved withNimbus, but we must not forget that it is also a choice.

After submitted complaint in the prosecutor’s office on Spain for the loss of an investment of 9000 Euros, begins an investigation against the platform and establishing the possible losses that occurred. The following are several other separate complaints filed by other investors about losses caused. The main part of the investigation and fuss aboutNimbusoccurs with the coming of athe two-year-old and ex-prosecutorCarlos Aranges, which represents a group of alleged victims and which promotes the case by definingNimbusas “a highly sophisticated pyramid scheme in which sophisticated containment mechanisms were used to delay the collapse of the structure, and investors were offered all sorts of alternatives to delay the payout of their funds”. It is also interesting that this person is also known for his actions againstArbiStarandFiniko, as well as many other fraudulent schemes. Such type of schemes are:

  • BitMonsters – the latest!
  • Nimbus
  • ArbiStar
  • Finiko
  • Torque
  • Mind Capital
  • QubitTech
  • Kuailian
  • DaVinci
  • Praetorian and others.
  • Watch the video to find out more:

The saga continues and from the prosecution claim that the group of suspects –Nimbus, which has been attributed the name “criminal organization” – has indeed made efforts to raise the largest possible amount of funds in order to “generate sufficient capital to sustain and demonstrate a type of investment activity capable of reporting and sustaining profits that early investors would could consider legitimate”. The scheme fails and they are forced to cease their financial activities. All tokens and titles remain unencumbered. In this complex situation and pressure from the state authoritiesAndrea Zanon he realizes what he’s gotten himself into and leaves the company’s top position. The damage he has done to his image is irreversible. All of the company’s operations stop…for a few months.

image 33

September 2020 takes the lead Fernando Martinho, who has expertise in information technology, strategies and roadmaps, software development, infrastructure and operations, strategic planning, research and development, product development and quality control. Blockchain, cyber security, artificial intelligence. Just what the company needs right now to stay in business and prove it’s not a scam.

Fernando Martinho he immediately takes up the mess and releases information that the experience of Andrea Zanonin the traditional ones finance and the banking industry is valued and he will develop the new products. Of course, this is only a cover so that it can Andrea Zanonto slip away unnoticed, which he does. The matter with the courts is not over. Fernando Martinho it requires time for re-evaluation by the court to familiarize itself with the overall situation and the reasons that have led to the current situation. Everything happens very slowly and of course months pass. During this time, he changed some of the people who work in Nimbus, and the rest leave.

image 23

It becomes clear that with during the Civil Guard investigation, Nimbus offers “investment services in an automated cryptocurrency system between exchange houses, offering fixed returns per day using investors’ capital.” Bearing in mind that during the course of the investigation they are prohibited from withdrawing capital and benefit payments without being able to withdraw from the deposited funds, they are placed in an extremely difficult situation. They are also not allowed to provide investment services as stipulated in the Securities Market Law, and the fixed values ​​they offer per day are illegal because the means of guaranteeing them are unknown.The lack of fresh money, the investigation and the bad image it will acquire Fernando Martinho, they force him to leave. He sits in the director’s seat Jorge Sebastião.

image 14

Jorge Sebastião is an international speaker, digital innovation in crypto, NFT, blockchain, tokenization, cybersecurity, IoT, AI, BigData, 5G, robotics.

In his time, to blind people’s eyes, they release an audit of their NBU token in a digital product audit company Zokyo. A new statement follows: “The chief executive’s main responsibility until now has been to develop the concept for the newNimbusand to drive this transition by onboarding the team and streamlining all necessary processes. Obviously, Fernando did a brilliant job and we are happy and sad that he achieved his mission so quickly and now we have to say goodbye to him.”

This statement remains in history as absolutely illogical, as a person who has done a good job is expected to go on and build on it. In the business card of Jorge Sebastiãowe come across something very interesting for people who have been in this online income business for a while. This guy was also involved in building another income platform calledQubitTech– petrified. Things are now clear from here. The scheme and strategy itself has long been corrupted and designed to last as long as possible for the benefit of the shadow people. That’s why you won’t seeNimbusin no profile of the people who ran it.

image 26

Jorge Sebastião decided to accelerate the process of integrating the DeFi ecosystem into the platform in order to delay and possibly block the investigation work. That’s why it’s taking a risky move by launching amazing promotions and ads related to the purchase of the token and a new marketing plan, mostly targeting people in other countries. It becomes clear that he will not be able to manage alone and must quickly come up with another scheme that will benefit all the schemers in Nimbus. At that time the investigation found that Nimbus does not “buy and sell” bitcoins for profit, but rather “transfers them to third parties using laundering techniques.” It is about Binance and Coinbase. In addition, the Civil Guard notices “many aggregate transfers” that aim to hide these traces of transfers. The prosecutor’s office in Spain is comparing the caseNimbuswith the pyramid scheme – the latter pay for the former. Here is the team with whichJorge Sebastião works:

image 25

Javier García Madruga– Provides advice and hands-on assistance in business strategy, business development and fundraising for early-stage startups and technology-capable companies. Expertise in sectors and areas: food, entrepreneurship, innovation, IT, mobility, telecommunications, biotechnology, education. Unfortunately, a shame and disgrace for the society in Spain. Another one that is on a feeder in Nimbus. He doesn’t like social media and for good reason!

image 13
  • Here’s what people are saying about it:
image 9
  • We return toNimbus
  • In connection with the decentralization of the token as of 24.06.2022. with a sample from coinmarketcap, we can see how out of 18906 addresses, 96.9% tokens are held by a single address. This is centralization, not decentralization. Such intentionsNimbusthere is no!
image 20
  • As of 27.06.2022 sample fromBSCSCANshows 3748 addresses and 1 master account with several smart contracts holding 85.5% of all tokens. This is not OK at all!
image 16
image 7

The price of the token has fallen by 99.75% and the most profitable was the address that holds 96.9% of them. All other investors who are 18,905 hold a negligible amount of tokens. And if you bought on April 12, 2021. $500 tokens = 378.78 NBU, now they are worth exactly $0.94. You can imagine the difference!

Jorge Sebastião manages to attractAlex Lemberg for a new director. He has worked as a Wall Street business analyst since 1992 with the following companies: Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, CIBC, Bank of America Securities and Credit Suisse. This understanding of business processes and the use of new technologies would help with current customer needs, and his experience in beta testing some of the biggest MMORPG games on the Internet immediately suggests what the company’s new products will be, withNimbuswill try not to sink like a drowning man for a straw – NFT.Alex Lembergis an aging unknown star with nothing to lose and is being used as a front for the next phase of the scheme. A check of his profiles shows that he is ashamed to show his face publicly on the social networkLinkedIn (online social network for searching and establishing business contacts), like all other workers ofNimbus. None have indicated that they work for this company. Imagine the shame, and online promoters are proudly promoting the scam!

image 18
image 24

His right hand risesAlexandra Serebrennikova , for which this Marketing Head position is welcome. He will be able to practice the completed courses in UX/UI design, as well as journalism in 2017. Some parties and advertising begin on the occasion of the rediscovery ofNimbusas a new version, but the investigation continues.

During this time, the eyes of the “believers” are covered with more audits from Hacken, Chaitin and Certik. A purported governance token, GNBU, is also being launched, with which investors are expected to have some say. Of course this will not happen, because absolutely identical to NBU and this token is centralized.

image 22
  • As of 27.06.2022 sample fromBSCSCANshows 23,099 addresses and 1 master account with several smart contracts holding 78.6% of all tokens. This is not OK at all!
image 17
image 8

The price of the token fell by 99.65% and the most profitable was the address that holds 83.69% of them. All other investors who are 22,512 hold a negligible amount of tokens. And if you bought on March 22, 2022 $500 tokens = 61.57 GNBU, now they are worth exactly $1.10. You can imagine the difference!

Let’s look at the rest of the team he works with Alex Lemberg :

  • Patrizio Pozzi – With the lack of people, he has already risen to an absolute troll “vice president of market research”, and he has not bothered to put a single photo on his profiles on social networks. Separately, he was an independent consultant for the last 2 years, after which he was found by Nimbus. And for him, this is the last opportunity to do something in life and live better.
  • Waseem Mamlouk Serialan entrepreneur with experience in IT, law and finance. As vice president of Nimbus, part of his job (in fact, that’s what he’s known for) is to ensure that parts of the platform are certified Sharia-compliant.It is a set of legal, moral and religious norms of Islam that cover all aspects of the life of orthodox Muslims. And because the guy is somewhat religious and probably fed up with lying for 2 years now, he wrote on Linkedin that he is self-insuring from February 2022 despite working in Nimbus from the begining. Imagine what it’s all about and how bad they are right now so they can’t pay the guy for the job. One more reason to know that the scheme is coming to an end!
image 30
  • David Mazaheri– This is one of the main actors behind Nimbus.He is a senior advisor based in Washington DC with 20 years of experience in the investment banking world. He worked as head of trading at Credit Suisse, and was at BridgeWater, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. He has held positions as a diplomat at various times in his career, working for the US National Security Council. At least that’s what it says, as is everyone else here with “wonderful” records. After all, they are all schemers taking advantage of people’s trust. This is what they write in comments on his social profiles:
image 29
  • Here is also a very interesting article related to this man from 30May 2022:
image 28

Immediately we check these websites to see what the denouement will be and if we should expect them from skamNimbus:

image 32
image 12
  • David Mazaheri has poured $5,000,000 from nowhere into some new schemes that we may look at some day.

To continue the scheme together with Alex Lemberg in Nimbus, they start working on Affiliate Program V4.0, which connectsNBUtoken withBUSDandBNBwhich are token and coin ofBinance . From here on the future is almost clear – there will be a split of the platform and even more devaluation of tokens with an emphasis on other – foreign ones. This is done in order to launder money that they would otherwise have to explain to the courts. To avoid this dispute, it is easiest to go through Binance, risking the price of the now defunct NBU token and its problems. They are also betting on a new operating model by shifting the focus to NFT and BUSD. Promotions are getting even more attractive, and online leaders will start explaining how much better the new scheme is because they will be working with Binance. Also, don’t believe anyone who tells you that the platform will last forever or is “…here to stay”. No one knows what is in the head of the schemers and the main faces ofNimbus. Today they are there, tomorrow they are gone! You have to be very naive to think that way. The rig workers are changing like handkerchiefs, and besides, these pishman “leaders” are letting everyone else down, but what do they care? The important thing is that the commissions go, and the picture below will be the result of all these actions.

image 10

Let’s not forget that one of the tasks ofAlex Lembergis providing strategic input and leadership on decision-making issues affecting the organization; specifically related to the evaluation of potential mergers, acquisitions or partnerships. One of them is a special link with a special exchange where special tokens are listed…

At this LINK you can to see the current price. We cannot fail to note the appearance of the token in UniSwap and PancakeSwap. That means it’s a scamNimbuswill lie to its investors once again and bet on the already knownBinanceandCake, instead of developing its platform. Separately, a normal and transparent organization will try to do everything possible to assist the judicial investigation and clear its name. This hasn’t happened here for 2 years!

After seeing that the presenters are from Portugal, Brazil, Great Britain, Russia and the UAE (a perfect mix from the countries with the sources of scams), we start to wonder where the Bulgarian trace will be in this scam, because it cannot go without “native”. It turns out that he is actually the Sales DirectorNimbuslately.

For those who are not aware of who is the boss right now with all 1200 shares:



Nationality: GREEK


Locality: KAVALA 65403

Country: GREECE

Another important shadow player:


ID CARD: 127339A

Nationality: SPANISH


Locality: ST. PAUL’S BAY SPB 1231

Country: MALTA