Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO a Watch 5 Review

samsung galaxy watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watches in New Zealand used to be synonymous with smartwatches in New Zealand with limited battery life and a heavy focus on city living. In most cases, the watches would need to be charged once per day or two. But the manufacturer made an effort to alter that with this variant.

What’s new:

  • more time between charges
  • transparent sapphire
  • modified case’s form to better suit your hand
  • follow the tracks to get there (only the PRO version)
  • Insert a trackback if you want to (only the PRO version)

Should you switch your 4 for 5 or 5 PRO?

I would not recommend making the change to the number five. I don’t see any benefits to making this change other than a slightly better “bent” case back. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO is a whole new and distinct kind of smartwatches in New Zealand. The elimination of the crown’s ability to rotate will likely upset many viewers, but that’s life.

One same ol’ design

The “standard” 5 version keeps the same design. Both a 40 mm (1.57″) and a 44 mm (1.73″) version of the casing are available, and both continue to resemble the Hi-Fi aluminum chips sold at public swimming pools. Still, businesspeople who require a no-frills watch will like its sleek design.

Nighttime temperature readings are taken by placing a little dot next to the heart rate sensor on the case back. Not to mention, we’ve raised the sensor of the casing by a little. Slightly more so, and I worry that it may leave unattractive “tattoos,” or impressions, on your skin.

Let’s talk about a further component that affects a wide range of the watch’s properties. The fastener, and how snug it is, to the strap. Bad news: the tiniest watch is the only one that comes close to fitting my hand. It looks bad and interferes with the watch’s ability to monitor my heart rate if I choose one that is too large. Further, the form of the casing means that no “original” strap will fit, and any attempt to do so would look ridiculous.

The 5 PRO, though, is the more intriguing of the two models, so let’s examine it. This innovative take on wristwatches is fantastic. I was drawn to the simple bezel protruding from the top of the casing, and now I find that I don’t even need the spinning bezel.

Though the titanium casing is polished, it still looks like a strong timepiece and is a thing of beauty. The case’s diameter is 45 mm / 1.77″ (not everyone will be able to use it) and its height is 14.6 mm / 0.57″ which is quite a little. Considering that Samsung advertises its thickness as 11 mm / 0.43″ I can’t tell for sure who performed the measurement, but whoever it was didn’t bother to check their work by cutting more than once.

The strap of the PRO edition also has an entirely new method of closure. The strap may now be folded and secured with a magnet, serving as an additional attachment point. My only complaint is that I have not yet figured out how to tighten the strap such that it neither chokes my hand nor leaves too much room for movement.

Same sensors, same senses

Since all models share the same set of sensors, we won’t have to painstakingly inspect each one individually. There has been no theoretical shift in this group from the prior version. We’ve got a bunch of sensors including a heart rate monitor, an electrocardiogram (ECG), a pulse oximeter, a compass, and a thermometer. And GPS, of course. When it comes to global positioning systems, Samsung is unique in that it bans the use of several frequencies.

If your watch can track your temperature as you sleep, it will have a better idea of how well you slept. Unfortunately, I didn’t observe if it improved anything or even whether it was even helping assess.

Professional Sportsman

The Samsung Gear S2 was the company’s attempt at an outdoor watch. The PRO version’s casing is nearly as sleek as a Garmin watch’s. But the athletic spirit isn’t there. With the PRO edition, I assumed there would be a new twist or mode of playing the sport. Using a certain half-eaten round fruit brand makes the beginning of a workout feel nothing like the beginning of the exercise.

The PRO edition adds track navigation, however at the moment you can only use it when riding or walking, so the difference isn’t huge. Additionally, uploading the GPX file is not yet bug-free; I was unable to upload any of my files from the Czech map website, for instance.

Finally, I was able to transfer one file from another site and begin exploring. As expected, no problems arose. As an added bonus, if your phone is synced with your watch (and you have data to use), it can also utilize Google Maps for navigation and download the necessary route ahead of time.

Aside from that, there are no differences between the two versions in terms of the sports they provide; Samsung has really considered every possible activity you could want to at least attempt. Nothing of note, both inside and out, is missing.

Smart features as the core of the models

Samsung once again demonstrates the advanced nature of its products. Either an LTE variant with the option of an e-SIM or support for Google Play apps. You may also use a Bluetooth headset to make calls, respond to text messages (with a predefined response or your own personalized response), and pay with a credit card.

Advanced fitness features

The watch indicates you daily actively burnt calories, steps, active time, and naturally your heart rate. However, it only takes a reading once every minute. The fitness features widget gives you a rundown of everything you’ve done, and if you scroll down you can check out a graph showing when you’re the most active throughout the day.