Sar Pass Trek The Perfect Guide For Everyone

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The path is stunning and not dangerous by any means. It is troublesome on the grounds that it’s long and you ought to have endurance and persistence to climb that much. The most troublesome fix is Padri to Ming cover where you have to climb steep territory constantly. In the event that you have done 4 or 5 treks in Sahyadri, you won’t find Sar Pass troublesome.

The path has everything from mountain timberlands, coniferous backwoods, glades, mountain desert, snow, cascades and fruitless scenery. I won’t ruin those special treats for you by portraying it here.

Things to convey:

There are numerous sites which will listen for a minute to welcome on Sar Pass Trek and so forth.’s rundown is extensive. I will compose what I kept with me in a pack from headquarters.

1. Shoes

Quechua Forclaz shoes(Rs.3999) are enthusiastically suggested by trekkers in India. Yet, since I was falling short on a financial plan, I chose to go for Action Trekking shoes (Rs.800). These shoes functioned admirably for me. There were no episodes of slipping or torment by any stretch of the imagination. I attempted these shoes in Sahyadris and Himalayas both.

2. Garments

To keep the heaviness of the knapsack least, convey just two arrangements of garments. I took one cotton shirt and one shirt alongside two track pants. Possibly utilise the subsequent set assuming that the first is wet or messy. Attempt to wear the better pair when you leave Nagaru as you will click numerous photographs at Sar Pass and utilise one of these photos as your DP.

Try not to convey a towel as it will add additional weight. Little napkins will decrease the heaviness of the knapsack. You can fold over the cleanliness sheet given by YHAI to change garments in the tent.

3. Underpants

Convey somewhere around three sets of underpants. Moreover, you ought to likewise take the body hotter (Top and base). You can look at these on Amazon/Flipkart.

This helps when the temperature decreases during the evening and early morning. Try not to wear warmers while trekking. Three sets of cotton socks are an unquestionable necessity. In any case, you tent mates will endure.

4. Comfortable garments

You can get the greater part of the comfortable garments at Kasol. During an outrageous temperature decrease, you ought to wear no less than three layers of dress. I wore a hotter top, coat and cotton shirt. It functioned admirably for me. The woollen socks can be purchased from Kasol market at the cost scope of Rs.150 to Rs.200. You likewise get the gloves at a similar cost at Kasol market.

5. Trekking stick/shaft

You can purchase trekking sticks from internet shopping sites. At the point when you are going towards Grahan, you can purchase the wooden stick for Rs.20. It is adequate for the Sar Pass Trek.

6. Tiffin and mug

Don’t bother conveying a plate independently when you have a tiffin box, spoon and mug. JT gives pressed lunch consistently. Because of super cold water, washing Tiffin is a massive undertaking.

You can tackle this issue via conveying foil or plastic sheets. I have seen individuals consuming breakfast, lunch and supper as a solitary mug as well. So it’s absolutely dependent upon you. Convey washing gel if you have any desire to appreciate washing Tiffin in frosty water.

7. Water bottle

Don’t bother conveying a few litres of water like treks in Sahyadri. You get many water streams in the Himalayas. On the off chance that streams are not accessible, your aide will tell you so. You can utilise water refining drops to clean the water.I utilised Aquaguard’s container with the inbuilt channel. You can arrange this one from Amazon. The main issue with this jug is that you can’t have water in enormous amounts. You have pressed hard to get the sifted water. So water cleaning drops are awesome assuming you are alright with the slight change in water taste.

8. Downpour coat/rain guard

The Himalayan weather conditions are truly eccentric. On the off chance that you don’t have the overcoat, your internal heat level can out of nowhere go down and make issues. You can utilise a windcheater or overcoat, yet rain guard is exceptionally advantageous regarding weight and versatility. You can purchase bad quality rain guards at Kasol for around Rs.150.

Best Time to Visit Sar Pass Trek

Both the rising and the drop of Sar Pass are respectively difficult. The best opportunity to climb these ways is from May to October. The unmistakable skies of May and June make a fabulous completely flawless display of trails and meadows.Temperatures normally range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius during the day, with considerably colder evenings.

Summers have a generally gentle climate with practically no precipitation, while storms have moderate to weighty precipitation.