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One of the important steps in the game of Buggy in all its versions, whether for computers, tablets or mobile phones, is through Buggy, where you will be able to pass the most difficult stages of each level in the game, and you can also get many privileges thanks to those points, and therefore The Saudi store provides you with the best offers to buy wrenches officially without exposing your account to hacking or theft.

What are pubg wrenches?

شدات ببجي is the official currency for dealing within the electronic game of PUBG in all its versions, and these tokens are obtained in different ways through the electronic payment feature using bank cards, and the Saudi Store works to provide these tokens with different offers, even You can try and enjoy the game with your friends.
One of the most important features of dealing with our site is the confirmed purchase of the wrenches, as once the payment is made in one of the methods provided by the site, the wrenches are given to you directly in your account and confirm that they are sent through a message to your account or to your phone number that you registered with, and one of the most important advantages that The platform gives it to you as it is completely safe on your account.
pubg wrenches uses
Given that شحن شدات ببجي is the official currency for dealing within the game, there are a range of different uses that can be obtained easily when purchasing wrenches in the game of Peggy, and we can identify these uses through the following:
• First: In the event of losing a life, you can regain your life in the game at the same level again by using wrenches.
• Second: You can get more than one promotion through the use of wrenches in order to pass the difficult levels in the game.• Third: Through the use of wrenches, you can buy some gold sectors, which you can exchange with friends in the game to buy some tools or equipment.
• Fourth: These wrenches give you the ability to purchase different tools, equipment and weapons at each level of your store.
• Fifth: Charging the PUBG tokens that enable you to change your general appearance by purchasing different clothes from the game store.

Saudi store offers

متجر سعودي ستور gives you a huge range of special offers for charging PUBG tokens, and we can learn about these offers by visiting us