All You Need To Know About Social Media Automation

Social media platforms have changed the ball game in the 21st century. It all started with simple social connections, and soon enough, companies started realising the potential of marketing among such a vast number of their users. Facebook alone has reported a market cap of over $600bn in the year 2020, out of which Facebook ads occupy over 40% of the total revenue.

Initially, marketers used to post their ads and engage with their posts manually on social media platforms. But as they scaled, their bandwidth started shrinking to give focused attention to this channel. This gave rise to dedicated job roles like social media manager, social media specialist and what not.

As the market started filling up such roles, tech vendors identified a fertile ground for automating social media tasks. This gave rise to social media automation platforms that started booming in the marketplace. With the rising penetration of social media on multiple devices, the market size is expected to grow from USD 3.6 billion in 2020 to USD 15.6 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of over 34%.

Whether you are a vendor or a consumer of social media automation, having a comprehensive look at it would help you make an informed decision for your future. So, let’s begin.

What is Social Media Automation?

Social media automation means using a tool or software to accomplish all your social media tasks without human intervention. In other words, it means using software to post, comment, like, share and respond to all the contents posted on your personal or business account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube.

You can schedule all your engagement efforts in advance in this software, and it works exactly the way you want it to be without needing your supervision. It is the best solution for social media marketers who need to juggle between different social platforms repetitively.

Software like Socinator can help you achieve all those repetitive tasks, saving your bandwidth by using your scheduled instructions.

What are The Benefits of Social Media Automation?

While the most important benefits of social media automation have been mentioned above in brief, there’s more to it.

Greater Control of The Content

You might be having a presence on multiple social platforms. And then, you might also be having multiple accounts on each platform. If you go about posting content on each of these accounts and platforms manually, you might miss out on including one or the other task.

Sharing content on social media has two parts – a) you need to create the content, b) you need to distribute it over multiple channels. With automation, you can leave the distribution part to the software and focus only on creation. This gives you more time and greater control over your content.

Consistency of Efforts

Imagine a customer who follows you on all platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When you are posting on all these platforms, you want to be consistent on the content, the tags, the location, and, most importantly, on timing. This is an essential factor to generate a greater customer experience.

If you go about doing it all manually, you will surely miss out on one thing or another. Having a central location from where you direct distribution on multiple channels by posting only once would be valuable. And that’s what social media automation does for you.

Grow Business and Personally

With so much you can achieve through automation, it surely helps both your business and you grow. You can increase the frequency of posts, give greater customer service by cutting the customer waiting time, and bring accuracy and consistency in your efforts which is essential for your business to grow.

On a personal level, it frees you up from all the repetitive and boring tasks. It gives you the bandwidth to engage in more valuable tasks like creativity, innovation, and higher-level management. Those skills are essential to take up higher roles and responsibilities that eventually turn into your promotion.

How To Automate Your Social Media Efforts?

There are certain solutions you can implement towards the automation of your social media efforts. They are:

Keep a Check On The Pulse of Your Industry

With social media tools, you can keep a check on what’s going around in your industry on social media. For that, you need to monitor posts:

  1. Where your brand name is mentioned
  2. What your customers are talking about – their challenges, likes and dislikes
  3. What your competitors are doing currently

Social listening is an essential aspect of this automation software. You can get all the posts across multiple platforms at one central location, including activities from all the three components mentioned above. You can follow brands, keywords, or topics that are essential for your business to grow.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots are one essential tool to engage with your customer at a much faster rate. You can automate the responses to your customers’ repetitive queries on your Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. This will ensure greater service to your customer.

Your chatbot can inform customers that you would personally get in touch with them for any complex queries. Chatbots are useful to handle simple queries and appease customer anxieties. But it should also know when to escalate the matter appropriately.

Social Media Analysis

These tools can be used for detailed analytics of your social media efforts. Its integration with various social platforms can suggest the best time to post and strategies to engage your customers effectively.

With one central location for all the analytics like several impressions, reach, and engagement rate across multiple channels, it makes your analysis easier and more effective. You can generate reports and present them to your superiors.

Your marketing campaign’s effectiveness and budget can be decided for further business growth based on those reports.

Content Curation

It lets you know what the hot topics are running in your industry currently. Based on that, some social media tools also help you create or curate content that you can share publicly. While automatically created content might not be most effective, it still gives you some lead to create fresh content.

With the right combination of manual and automated content creation, you can get the most out of these automation tools.

Wrapping Up

Social media automation tools have become the new normal for today’s marketers. The biggest asset in today’s world is your audience’s attention. And social platforms are the places where you get the most footfall. Hence, maximising your social efforts through automation and reaching the most suitable target audience is one of the best strategies to grow your customers.