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MCSE Certification training in dubai

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Nlptech Training Institute offers MCSE courses. This MCSE course has helped our students to find jobs in various networking fields. Nlptech trainers are business professionals who teach the MCSE Certification training in Dubai in detail. Students who successfully complete the MCSE certification course have many job opportunities in this sector.

Who can take this course?

  • Beginners, intermediate, and advanced professionals.
  • University students
  • IT professionals or project managers
  • MCSE Course in Dubai

What will you learn?

  • Administer and maintain Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Install, manage, and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure.
  • Set up and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure.
  • Installing, configuring, and managing Microsoft Windows® XP Professional and other systems.
  • Course Structure.

Administration and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 :

  • Managing users, computers, and groups.
  • Setting up access to shared folders.
  • Managing and maintaining the server environment.
  • Managing the infrastructure for software updates.
  • Monitoring file and print servers
  • Managing web servers with IIS
  • Managing primary and dynamic disks
  • Installing and configuring server hardware
  • Administration and installation of server recovery
  • Managing backups and backup recovery procedures
  • Server hardware failure recovery
  • Installation, administration, and support of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure.
  • IP address setup, management, and maintenance
  • Configuring TCP/IP addresses on the server computer using DHCP.
  • Implement, manage, and support naming based on DNS servers.
  • Implementing, managing, and maintaining routing and remote connections.
  • Implementation of remote authentication protocols.
  • Implementation of secure access between private networks
  • Management of routing and remote access interfaces.
  • Network infrastructure maintenance
  • Develop and support Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure:
  • Design and implementation of server roles and security
  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of network infrastructure
  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of routing and remote access interfaces
  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of server availability
  • Design, implement, and support network security
  • Design, implement, and maintain security infrastructure

Design, implement, and maintain Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructure:

  • Design and implementation of Active Directory infrastructure
  • Assess network traffic when installing global catalog servers
  • Assess whether a global group lockdown is required.
  • Manage and maintain the Active Directory infrastructure
  • Develop and implement policies for users, hosts, and groups
  • Develop a user authentication policy
  • Develop an authentication policy using smart cards
  • Structure the MA plan
  • Develop and implement group policy
  • Manage and support group policy
  • Troubleshoot the application of group policy security settings
  • Install, configure, and manage the Microsoft Windows® XP Professional operating system.
  • Installation of Windows XP Professional
  • Provisioning and managing resources
  • Managing and troubleshooting shared folder access issues
  • Connecting to local and network printing devices
  • Installing, managing, and troubleshooting hardware devices and drivers
  • Monitor and optimize system performance and reliability
  • Configure and troubleshoot desktop computers
  • Install, manage, and troubleshoot network protocols and services.
  • Configure, manage, and troubleshoot security systems.
  • Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Internet Explorer security issues.

Install, configure, and administer the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system:

Installing Windows 2000 Professional

Introduce and implement a resource management

Install, manage, and troubleshoot hardware and drivers.

Monitor and optimize system performance and reliability.

Configure and troubleshoot desktop computers

Install, manage, and troubleshoot network protocols and services.

Implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of security issues.

“Create an active directory and network infrastructure for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Design by gathering and analyzing technical and business requirements.

Design the logical structure of the Active Directory infrastructure.

Logically design a network services infrastructure.

Physically design the Active Directory and network infrastructure.

Design the implementation of DNS services.

Propose NetBIOS name resolution strategies.

Enterprise network topology and routing design

Design enterprise Internet connectivity

Network Security Design for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Network design

Gather and analyze technical and business requirements for network infrastructure security.

Designing logical systems for network infrastructure security.

Formulate physical designs for network infrastructure security.

Design a public key infrastructure (PKI) using authentication services.

Design security for network management.

Design security for wireless LANs.

Design user authentication for Internet Information Service (IIS).

Security design for network communication.

Data access control design

Physical design for client infrastructure security.

Installation, configuration, and administration of ‘Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, Enterprise Edition.

Installation of the ISA server

Installation of the ISA server.

Deployment modes – integration, firewall, and caching.

Configuring and tuning ISA Server services.

Configuring and debugging outbound Internet access.

Configuring H 323 buffering for voice and video conferencing.

Configuring and troubleshooting virtual private network (VPN) access.

Configure, manage, and debug policies and rules.

Creating and configuring access control and bandwidth policies.

Manage the ISA server domain within the organization.

Install, configure, and troubleshoot client computers.

Monitoring, managing, and analyzing ISA server usage

Troubleshoot network security and usage issues

Install, configure, and manage Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

“Installing and configuring SQL Server 2000.

Migration to SQL Server 2000

Creating connection servers

Configuring network libraries

Troubleshooting failed installations.

“SQL Server 2000” Creating a database

Connecting and disconnecting databases

Creating and modifying databases Performing disaster recovery

Managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting SQL Server 2000 databases

Retrieving and converting data in SQL Server 2000

‘Managing and monitoring security in SQL Server 2000’

‘Managing, monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server 2000’

Creating, managing and tuning SQL Server agents

‘Monitoring SQL Server performance with monitoring

Monitoring SQL Server system performance using System Monitor

‘Installing and managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003:

‘Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Exchange Server 2003.

Preparing the environment for Exchange Server 2003 installation.

“Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2003”.

Upgrading from Exchange Server 5 5 to Exchange Server 2003

Migrating other email systems to Exchange Server 2003

‘Configuring Exchange 2003 for compatibility with other SMTP email systems

‘Managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Exchange Server hosts.

Backup, restore, and troubleshoot

Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot data storage issues.

Manage and troubleshoot public folders.

Manage and troubleshoot virtual servers.

Managing and troubleshooting front-end and back-end servers.

Manage security in Exchange environments.

Managing objects and recipient lists.

MCSE courses in Dubai

Benefits of attending Nlptech courses

  • Access to recorded sessions.
  • Assistance in completing the course faster.
  • Professionally trained teachers.