The Rarest Treats to Try if You Love Vaping!


If you’re like us, you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Okay, a HUGE sweet tooth. From gummies to chocolate to cookies, dessert is your favorite meal of the day. Of course, not all sweets are made equal. Some are made… Not at all. We’ve put together a list of the most rare and special snacks that you would be lucky to come by!

WARNING: These snacks will most definitely leave you craving something sweet but you may not be able to get your hands on them. To ease your cravings, check out Cyclone Pod’s zero nicotine vape e-juice flavors, meant to satisfy any sweet tooth. Flavors range from strawberry to mango to banana, giving you a wide variety of sweet e-juice flavors to try without the harmful addition of nicotine.

Blueberry Pie Oreos

Oreo is no stranger to concocting wild filling flavors, some that are more successful than others. While Swedish Fish Oreos were not it, the pie flavors have been a huge hit. Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie are some of the best limited edition Oreos out there, bringing a fruity sweetness to Oreos and allowing the graham cracker-flavored cookies to act as a crust. Fans beg for these flavors to come back year after year and sometimes Oreo will re-launch them. Often compared to a sweet blueberry muffin, this is one Oreo flavor that’s worth scouring grocery stores for.

Orange Vanilla Cream M&Ms

M&Ms is another snack that’s willing to try just about anything once. Peanut, dark chocolate, almond, and mint are quite common, followed by flavors that are a bit harder to come by like fudge brownie and salted caramel. But then there are some M&Ms flavors that are even rarer, sometimes not even found in stores.

One such flavor is Orange Vanilla Cream. This was a limited edition flavor that only appeared in Dollar General stores when it launched. The flavor went on sale in the spring of 2018, bringing white chocolate to the mix. This nostalgic flavor tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle pop. Try putting them in the fridge to complete the experience.

Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Skittles

These limited edition Skittles come all the way from China. These unique Skittle flavors can’t be found in the states. While the Skittle flavors are familiar, the addition of the yogurt taste makes them unlike the traditional bag. The flavors are mango, raspberry, strawberry, and pineapple smoothie.

China has an abundance of exciting limited edition stuff to try out! They also have fruit tea flavor and tropical fruit.

If you want something similar in the states, try finding these rare Skittles: Dips Yogurt Coated Fruit Candy. The chewy, fruity candies are covered in creamy chocolate. The Skittles themselves are classic flavors but the yogurt layer is definitely something exciting to try out.

Cookies & Cream Goldfish

Goldfish are often seen as a very healthy snack but the brand has ventured out to create some extra sweet varieties over the years. These Goldfish are more cookie than cracker, resembling a classic Oreo in flavor but with a unique shape. This is most definitely a tasty bag of addictive fish but you won’t see these just anywhere.

Cookies N Mint Hershey’s Bar

Hershey’s is a classic. When people think of chocolate, they often think of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. But Hershey’s is not afraid to experiment here and there. This flavor from the United Kingdom features white chocolate with chocolate cookie pieces. It also has a very cute appearance instead of the usual rectangle. These bars are green and shaped like an ice cream cone instead. This is a limited edition flavor so finding it will be tough but worth it.

Wispa Gold

The Wispa Gold is often considered the most expensive chocolate bar in the world. It’s iconic in Europe, where people instantly recognize this fancy bar due to its iconic wrapper, complete with a Cadbury logo in the top right corner. This is a small batch of gold chocolate bars. And you may be wondering what we mean by a gold chocolate bar. Well, it’s a chocolate bar completely covered in gold!

The Wispa Gold is $1,600 per bar. If you can’t afford such a fancy candy bar, consider a regular Wispa Gold, which is just a few dollars.

Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie Cereal

Kellogg’s likes to experiment with interesting flavors and collaborations, resulting in some interesting limited edition boxes of cereal. But this one caught our eye more than just a regular Kellogg’s cereal with a new character on the cover. This cereal is meant to taste like those deliciously moist and chocolatey Cosmic Brownie snacks you may remember from Little Debbie. These addictive treats made into cereal and drenched in milk? That sounds heavenly.

Getting a craving for some of these interesting treats? You can find them on specialty candy sites, eBay, and other sites that have limited edition candies that can’t be found in stores any longer. Can’t wait while it’s shipping? Check out Cyclone Pod’s zero nicotine vape e-juices flavored after fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth!