5 Tips To Send Discount Messages To Your Customer

Providing discounts is an essential strategy for your digital marketing. That’s why you need to know the best practices for sending discount messages to your customers get the maximum ROI.

SMS marketing generally has the potential for being a compelling means of communication. Text messages let a person create a very powerful touchpoint that can reach their customers both offline and online in a fast, personal, as well as direct way.

It is quicker than most of the channels. It has a lower cost than most of the other means of advertising. Also, SMS is more personal, less invasive, and prevalent for all ages and has any mobile device.

Text messages which include discounts are an integral part of SMS marketing strategies. It is because the conversion rate of text marketing is usually much higher than any marketing.

Why Should You Send Discounts Using Text Messages?

A company should always think about why they want to include offers in text messages. It can consist of updates on any type of new product that the company launches.

It is usually conferred as the best tool for the text message marketers who typically want to keep their customers engaged in giving an immediate increase in sales.

Best Practices To Send Discount Messages Using Text

Tell The Benefits of Your Product or Service.

A company always needs to enhance why a person will act on their promotion or advertisement. Making a case for a new product in a discount message usually does things such as;

  • Generally catches and holds the audience’s attention
  • Usually handles any objections a customer might have in their mind
  • Always encourages a person to purchase from the company

Use Some Urgency in Your Message.

There is no such thing in the world that kills a text message’s conversion rate faster by enhancing a company’s sales other than customer hesitation.

If a customer thinks about buying a product “maybe later,” there is always a high chance that they will not accept it anymore.

With text messages, a company can create a powerful sense of urgency in their customers by using good words, as 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes.

The chance is meager that the customer will ignore the notice.

Use Call To Action with The Benefit

A company should evoke a strong response from their audience with a benefits-focused call to action phrase to motivate their customers.

Phrases that are very common such as “shop now” or “buy now,” have also become too generic and bland. Instead, a company should always search for beautiful catchphrases to motivate consumers.

Make your discount exclusive.

There are a large number of ways in which a company can make its discount messages exclusive for an individual.

They can always combine urgency and exclusivity with proper wordings to offer or provide early access to a sale to a customer.

They can also use the text message to create a sense of belonging in the customer’s mind.

Use The Image in Your Text Message

As per the study, we all know that 50% of our brain is usually dedicated to visual processing.

As a result, research has also shown that the companies who use visual communication to persuade customers rather than simple text messages succeed 43% more.

So a company should always add beautiful product pictures to better communicate with the customers and convince them to buy products.


The convenience that is offered by text messaging allows the customers to respond anytime and anywhere.

Text messages result in higher response rates than any other type of communication platform available nowadays.

So text messages and discount offers will create a robust marketing strategy and create better connectivity with the customers.