Planning for Garden Buildings? Check Out These Tips To Get the Best Results 

Garden Buildings Lancashire

As the name implies, a garden building is the best place that offers additional space and is usually located in the midst of a garden. The highly functional outdoor structure offers a flare of drama to your garden, enhancing the feel and the look. This is a tranquil bolt hole that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the day to day life. Most essentially, it adds significant value to your house, making it a lucrative investment to start with! 

Check out our tips that help you to get the best results while you consider creating a garden building Lancashire

Positioning on your property

Garden buildings can be positioned anywhere on your property, ideally somewhere dry and flat. People usually like to have their garden building to be in the backyard so that the best angle is visible from the home. By opting for a garden room, you can solve a lot of problems including:

  • In a shady place where it is very problematic to get plants to grow
  • It blocks the view of your neighbour’s houses
  • Significantly enhances the privacy of a property

Your property might have a large front yard or lots of dead space down the side of the property, garden buildings are the best option for those spaces. Usually, garden buildings are required to be 800-900mm from the boundary. 

Aside from keeping within the laws and regulations, this area between the garden building and the fence is pretty if regular maintenance is in place like periodic repairs and gutter cleaning.

 Size and Proportion 

The garden building should be large enough to be useful and to evolve as your preferences and requirements change though not so big it overwhelms your outdoor space or throws too much shade!

For the best size and proportion, it is always better to seek professional assistance. Professionals will give you the best-suited option that not only fulfills your requirement but also meets your choices and preferences. 

Windows and door placement 

Are you looking to get most of the natural light all day long? Or want to keep out the light for high-end privacy in your outdoor space? Garden buildings are usually made to order. Therefore, you have the opportunity to select a number of windows and doors and where they fit in your building.

By installing the windows and door in the right place. You will be able to control the light that your garden building gets.

The most common yet popular combinations include:

  • Double Doors & Sidelights for creating a full glass wall appearance and a beautiful access point
  • Sliding Aluminium Windows- the most suitable option if you have a desk or any other garden furniture to go underneath
  • Highlight windows- applicable only with mod designs, these sleek windows are perfect for allowing a significant amount of natural light. This is especially preferred by artists and creatives.
  • Sliding ‘ventilation windows’- These discreet small windows are usually added to the back wall. They allow fresh air and light to make the space airier.

Choosing the designs and styles 

Whether you want your garden room to seem meant to be and blend with the aesthetics of your property or stand out as a special; space in your property, either objective can be achieved with paint colours and unique touches. 

By painting your garden building in the same shade as your property, it looks like a natural extension of the property and adds significant value to your house. 

In order to make your garden room stand out, it is always wise to seek professional assistance. 

Consider the Drainage system 

So, considering the drainage system is very crucial when you are opting for summerhouses or garden rooms. Right drainage and sewer system is something that requires to be considered during the designing stage. Henceforth, you have to come up with the most applicable and suitable solutions for this beforehand. People can either have the water passed through soakaways or driveways. For such places where public sewer is not available, you may require to make space for private sewer solutions. 

While considering the private sewer might pose a great impact on the overall layout and plan of the construction. So be aware of it in advance.

Adding Unique Finishings 

When you have selected the garden building, now it’s time to consider the finishing touches. Unique finishing touches make anything special. Planting around the garden room complements its look and as the plants grow, they will offer shade and peace. 

Summing Up 

Planning for garden gilding is always a great way that is not only aesthetically appealing but also adds great value to your property. Soi, to make the procedure much more simple and more streamlined, we have shared some useful tips that help you to get the best outcome at your convenience. While creating the layout, it is better to seek expert assistance. They will better guide you so that you will end up with beautiful results that significantly compliments your property. Best of luck. If you have further queries or want more tips in regard to the garden building, stay tuned with us!