User Identity Verification Solution with Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition

What does each organization and business want to achieve in this era of the digital revolution? With everyone competing for more market share online each industry is looking to maximize the sales and revenues for success over the other competitors online.

With a hot digital market of finances, scammers are always there to get their hands on whatever they can dig out from an online system. They invented new techniques to misuse and launder money from online platforms which overall affects the competition as well as the user experience online. With scams and thefts, people give up trust in digital platforms which causes them to lose their belongings and assets.

As the competition is getting tougher with time organizations are working hard to make sure their resources are not used by any other third party which tries to take advantage in an unethical way. They have developed new systems of security and verification of users and their clients to prevent losses and setbacks.

The Identity Verification process is followed by most industries for the secure onboarding of a new user. New tech methods of online systems such as artificial intelligence have made new advancements in the identity verification system. One of the major advancements is face verification technology.

What is Face Recognition Technology?

Face recognition technology is an efficient method for online verification of the users. It uses facial biometrics to verify the client by detecting and analyzing the client’s face data. It is much more efficient than other techniques of verification as it involves human biometrics which is distinct for every human on earth. The client’s facial data is stored in the system and processed for further evaluation of identity verification. 

Introduced in the 1900s, the face verification solution has come a long way in terms of processing and power with over more than 100 years of development and progress in the field of facial detection and recognition.

Face recognition has now even gone online with new methods of digital interactions. Most firms use this method to verify the face of the user digitally even from the mobile camera of the client.

The online facial technique is efficient as it involves the least amount of time and resources.

Online Face Verification Solution

The online client’s face verification solution is the process of verifying users online by reading their facial data. The device which is used to capture digital facial characteristics is mainly the mobile device of the user, other devices are also used in this process such as web cameras and face detection devices. The online method is deployed at most levels of industries. With online face verification, it has become super convenient to verify the identity of the client before any onboarding process.

The Online Face Verification Process

The online face verification process is completed after a number of stages of detection, validation, and verification of the face of the user.

Detect and Obtain Facial Data

This stage of face verification involves the detection of the facial data of the client, the face is scanned by a device that detects the biometric facial characteristics of the user such as skin color, face depth, eyeball positioning, and other distinct characteristics. After the detection phase, it stores the obtained data in the repository of the online system.

Validation of Biometrics from the System

The system then processes the facial characteristic of the user for validation of the detected data, checks for the accuracy of detected data, and searches for any sort of forged data given by the client. After the validation of biometric data from the system, the data is sent for verification.

Verification of the Client

The processed data is then compared with the data present in the repository of the system. It is compared to check if the data is matched with the client’s facial credentials for KYC verification of the user. The system distinguishes the client from other users to verify their identity online.

After the complete verification process, the user is granted access to the required interactive environment. Many firms are utilizing this method to authenticate the user, it is widely used in the financial industry for secure transactions and in the gaming industry for player identification online, The system of face recognition is efficient enough to map out different characteristics of the users that helps in preventing online scams, frauds and especially money laundering on digital platforms.

Wrapping it Up

With online facial verification solutions industries are coping with the security authorities by preventing fraudsters from their online system. The face verification solution is a growing method of online face verification, It provides a new and efficient way to identify users and store their biometric facial data for future interactions. The face verification solution works as a key technology in the identification system of most industries and businesses.