Vaping or smoking CBD flower- which is better ?

CBD flower

CBD flower can be vaped or smoked like you would any other cannabis product. You can grind the flower, wrap it, and smoke it or use a vaporizer to vape it. However, some people wonder which method is best for consuming CBD flower

This guide will highlight the benefits of both methods to help you make an informed choice. 

Smoke or vape

Both methods have their pros and cons. However, the major difference between them is that vaping doesn’t burn the botanical material as smoking does. The vaping process only heats up the CBD flower to produce the desired results without burning it. 

This heat is small but enough to activate the cannabis. Why does this matter? While cannabis has several health benefits, it is not advised to smoke it. The smoke doesn’t contain harmful substances, but the combustion process can make it unsafe for your lungs. 

While vaping, the heat produces steam instead of smoke. This makes it discreet, as you can smoke it anywhere without attracting attention to yourself. Also, smoking indoors in hotels and other establishments becomes easier with a vape as opposed to smoking it. 

The smoke also irritates some people, giving vaping an upper hand. Steam is more pleasant and offers a better taste than smoke if you’re particular about that. 

Longer lasting buds

Another benefit of vaping your CBD flower is the fact that it makes the buds last longer. You can enjoy the flavor for a longer period or even use it again to make other CBD foods. 

As mentioned earlier, smoking burns off the compounds, and thus, it doesn’t last as long as it should. You’ll barely have enough time to take in the flavor before it is exhausted. 

Other ways to use CBD flowers

Besides vaping and smoking your CBD flower, you can consume it in two other ways. They include food or tea. When a CBD flower is eaten as food, it is called an edible. 

Edibles often come in the form of cookies, brownies, biscuits, or even capsules. They are discreet and tasty. So you can enjoy them like you would any other sweet treats while still getting the same benefits.

It’s important to note that edibles take a while to produce effects. The reason is that it is metabolized first by the stomach before it is sent to the bloodstream. So, if you take a few treats and don’t feel any effects, be patient. It will hit a bit later.

When taken as a tea, it is similar to any homemade tea. You only need to grind the flower and place it in a tea bag. Note that you can use the CBD flower alone or add your preferred tea in the mug as well for more flavor. 


Whether you choose to vape or smoke your CBD flower, the effects are almost the same. The difference is how quickly it is absorbed and the effects of smoke on the lungs. You can also choose to brew tea with CBD flower or make a tasty treat with it.