10 Ridiculous Ways to Write a Sizzling Blog Post

Ways to Write a Sizzling Blog Post

You’ve written a blog post, and you want to make sure that it sizzles. You don’t have time for this nonsense, so here are 10 ridiculous ways to write a sizzling blog post in no time at all.

1. Be Mean About Someone Else’s Writing Style

This is a cinch when it comes to sizzling blog posts. All you have to do is find another blogger’s post to write about, then tear into their writing style in your post. Make sure that you highlight the ridiculous phrases and sentences from their original piece. Your readers will eat it up!

2. Lingering Too Long On Someone Else’s Point of View Isn’t Good For Traffic

When people are reading your blog post, they should be learning something new or creating an action plan of some sort. If your readers are still caught up on the other writer’s point of view, they aren’t thinking about how this article can change their lives! The next time you see two or more paragraphs that discuss someone else’s point of view, highlight and delete them. Your readers will love it!

3. Use an Unusual Introduction

Here is a quick and easy way to write a sizzling blog post: Begin by telling your reader how long your article will be right from the get-go. Give it some ridiculous title like “13 Things You Need to Know Before Reading This Post” or “6 Reasons Why I’m Telling You How Long This Post Will Be Before I Even Start It”. Don’t waste time getting into the meat of things – you’ll never have any if you do!

4. Using Too Many Examples is Just Another Thing Bloggers Do That Annoys Their Readers

Don’t waste your time with pesky examples. They can be distracting, and they make your blog post longer. Your readers won’t appreciate that, so do them a favor and cut the last two or three examples short. They might even thank you for it!

5. It’s Essential To Start Paragraphs With Action Words

What is the point of using weak verbs like “is” and “are” when something stronger will work? We all know how much you love writing action-packed blog posts, so give your readers what they want: strong verbs! Don’t use any other kind if possible – it makes for a sizzling blog post every time!

6. When Someone Writes Lots of Lists, Shorten Them Up

If a blogger is known for writing list posts, it means they probably enjoy the process. After all, who doesn’t love noting down bullets and numbers? Well, you can irritate them to no end by shortening up their lists as much as possible. Just ask yourself which points would be better off in a different paragraph or scratching that one entirely. You’ll be surprised how quickly this process will turn your sizzling blog post into a smoking hot article!

7. Be Sure To Make Liberal Use of Taglines

There are times when a writer will include a tagline at the end of their blog post – usually with promotional information about themselves or a link to an advertising website. They might even do this alongside a picture of themselves! It’s tacky and amateurish. Well, replicate that as much as possible in your post. That way, you’ll be sure to turn your sizzling blog post into an inferno within seconds!

8. Be Sure and Keep Paragraphs Short

It’s best not to write too much at once. Sure, we all know how great those long-winded blog posts can be… But the truth is that most people won’t read them all the way through. A better idea is to keep your paragraphs on the shorter side – about 4 or 5 sentences each will do nicely for this purpose!

9. Too Many Images are Never Good For Blog Traffic

Your average internet user is far too distracted to read a bunch of words, so it’s best not to even bother with paragraphs! Just use multiple images if you want to keep your readers interested in what you have to say. That way, you can barely even notice the words on the screen, and your readers will be fascinated by whatever point you’re trying to make! Remember, The more text there is in an image, the less chance someone will read it!

10. One Or Two-sentence Paragraphs are Great For Busy People

Tired of those long-winded bloggers cluttering up your favorite website? Just shorten up their writing by using one or two sentence paragraphs as much as possible! This simple technique will catch your readers’ attention, especially if you tie the paragraph into what you’re talking about in that part of the post! You can even try using emojis to make these short snippets more interesting.