What Are Symptoms and causes of PTSD


PTSD is a psychiatric disorder. It affects those people With whom any incidents has Happened such as they faced any war, or seen any terrorist act, or any serious accident or they suffered any natural disaster, or he has seen anything wrong, etc. Due to these conditions, some people get into PTSD and it is a serious mental health disorder and if it is caused then symptoms increase day by day and it becomes so dangerous for that person.


When a traumatic event happens to someone during the one month of that event, symptoms of PTSD start within that one month but it is also not necessary that symptoms start within one month, sometimes symptoms of PTSD do not appear even in a year. These types of symptoms sometimes appear due to work situations, due to any relationship, etc. And these symptoms also interfere in your normal life and those daily tasks which you have to do daily, you can’t do those tasks. In case of dangerous symptoms, visit ptsd help near me.

Intrusive memories 

Those people who are affected by PTSD have mostly negative feelings. Distressing memories of that event which has happened and due to which PTSD is caused comes to their minds and he thinks about that incident again and again. Andrew, if that incident again happens to them then those people have to suffer from PTSD for their whole life or it is not easy for them to get out of it. Weird dreams come to them and mostly these dreams are related to horror incidents and due to these these people become restless.


One of its symptoms is that the person avoids talking and thinking about that traumatic event and that place where the event has happened, he avoids going there and doesn’t go there again. He also moves far away from those activities and people who were the part of that traumatic event or from which he again memorizes that traumatic event.

Negative thinking 

Due to this symptom, that person who is affected by PTSD thinks negative for themselves and for others. He thinks that his future is hopeless, he seems that everything is destroyed, he could not do anything else in future, his life comes to its end, and due to these problems he faces so many difficulties to maintain his relationships.  He Gets away from his family and friends. He doesn’t take any more part in activities and to create positive thoughts becomes so much difficult for them.

Physical reaction 

That person who is affected by PTSD, starts fighting on every small thing, his behavior becomes too bad and toxic and he drinks alcohol or water after some time again and again. He feels difficulty in sleeping and he doesn’t concentrate on any task. His behavior becomes aggressive and he feels irritation all the time. And sometimes he feels guilty of himself. Elizabeth holmes mental disorder is best psychiatrist.


Sometimes, several symptoms appear simultaneously. Because when a PTSD patient is in stress and something happens which memorizes that event then his health goes down and he becomes more sick. And due to these all symptoms appear in that person simultaneously. 

Other symptoms

If PTSD is not treated on time due to this it becomes the cause of many other mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression disorder, phobias, etc. He starts harming himself like he starts drinking alcohol and he starts misusing the drugs. And along with these he also becomes physically sick and symptoms like headache, chest pain, stomachache, etc starts.

When to visit a doctor?

Those incidents which are abnormal, in those incidents it is normal that people stay upset, confused, and depressed for some weeks. But it doesn’t mean that you are affected by PTSD but some of these accidents become lifelong problems. If a traumatic experience stays for five to six weeks and it is not reduced then it is possible that it may be PTSD. And if a person stays in this condition for a long time then immediately he should go to a doctor or psychiatrist for a treatment then that condition could be controlled. You should visit Best mental health facilities in ohio to get better treatment.


There are many factors of post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • This type of person feels intense and stress and if they feel this then they are affected by PTSD. 
  • PTSD is also caused if a traumatic experience happens in childhood like abuse, etc. 
  • Other mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc are also causes of PTSD. 
  • Using so much alcohol and drugs are also a cause of PTSD. 
  • If a person is not supported by its family and friends then that person could also be affected by PTSD.


In this article we have covered the symptoms and causes of PTSD. After knowing these symptoms, you can guess that you are affected by PTSD and then you will immediately start the treatment of it.