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Have you ever been in a conversation and struggled to respect the other person because they were speaking so loudly? Or have you ever needed to shout to be heard in a noisy setting? If so, you are not by yourself. Particularly for those in highly communicative occupations, noise has become an increasingly prevalent issue. This comprises professionals in the medical, legal, and telecommunications fields as well as others.

Noise is an issue because it makes it difficult for us to hear and comprehend what other people are saying. Additionally, it may cause exhaustion and mental tension. Finding methods to lessen or stop noise pollution at work is crucial. This blog post will explain what noise is and how to minimise or get rid of it at work. We will also offer some advice on how to handle obnoxious clients or coworkers.

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This riddle’s solution involves an animal that has ears but doesn’t listen. It’s a deaf deer, apparently. Although they can hear sound waves, deaf animals cannot use sound to communicate.


Riddles are a wonderful method to keep your mind engaged and stimulated. Additionally, they can provide amusement and company. They are advantageous because they can excite your mind, help you learn new things, and enhance your memory. They’re also simply plain enjoyable! The following are a few advantages of puzzles and riddles:

  1. They can aid in your quest for knowledge. Puzzles & Riddles can be a useful resource if you’re struggling with a math problem in class or attempting to memorise a long list of facts for a test that’s coming up. You can not only solve the puzzle by going through the various riddles, but you can also discover the information that was concealed within it.
  2. They can enhance your memory, too. Puzzles and riddles can be an effective technique to encode information into short-term memory when you’re trying to remember something significant, like the name of that trendy new restaurant down the street. The better the puzzle or riddle, the harder it is!
  3. They can pique your mental interest. A well-designed puzzle or riddle will keep your brain occupied for hours on end; this is excellent for preventing Alzheimer’s and increasing mental acuity and creativity.

Therefore, give Puzzles & Riddles a try if you’re seeking for an enjoyable pastime that will benefit both yourself and people around you!


“A cat” is the answer to the riddle. Cats have ears, but because they are constantly chasing their tail, they don’t really listen to anything.