Why Choosing a Local NDIS Plan Manager is the Right Choice for You?

NDIS plan manager

Whether your funding is targeted or non-targeted is entirely up to you as an NDIS participant. Depending on your circumstances, the NDIS will allocate funds for the support and services you need. This funding is geared towards achieving your personal goals and is completely tailored to your needs.

It will be your responsibility to specify how you wish to manage your NDIS funds throughout the plan during your NDIS planning meeting. NDIS plan management is a possible option for you. 

Ideally, an NDIS plan manager would understand how the NDIS works; keep abreast of the current developments. It will enable them to always provide accurate guidance, assist in budgeting, and make sure you are utilizing your funds wisely. 

It is, however, possible to find a plan manager who is suitable for your plan much more quickly than you might think. 

The question you may have is, “How can I choose the right NDIS plan manager near me when so many of them offer similar services?”

Making the Right Decision

  • It is possible to build a more meaningful relationship with your plan manager if you work with a local provider with a physical location located near your home. If you meet with them face-to-face, you can better understand their communication style and get to know each other.
  • You are also likely to spend your NDIS plan funds with local operators within your community since local providers are often associated with other local service providers. It is a win-win scenario for all parties involved!  
  • The same applies if you request the NDIA manage your plan. The NDIA managed more than 100,000 NDIS plans as of September 2019 – 32% of all NDIS plans across the country.
  • As most providers enable clients to conduct business over the phone, via emails, and through online portals, you do not necessarily have to select one with a physical location near you. It can offer many benefits as well as minimize complications. 
  • When you conduct your research, it is also possible to find that when you search for NDIS plan managers near me, many national providers do not have online reviews. Feedback from real clients will enable you to determine if your NDIS plan manager is the right choice for you.

You may find yourself undergoing some of the following if you work with a national, large NDIS plan management provider:

Requests are not responded to immediately: If you have a question about your national plan management agency, you may have to wait for a considerable time before receiving an answer to your query. They are resourcing and the fact that they manage thousands of plans may contribute to this situation. 

Lack of personal attention: Managing multiple plans simultaneously makes personal attention challenging. 

Communication is limited: There have been reports that some plan managers do not communicate with their clients – even to inquire about their progress. Ultimately, this can weaken ties and cause a loss of trust over time. 

Late payment of invoices: This issue is prevalent among large service providers that handle thousands of invoices each month. Plan managers are sometimes forced to chase clients for the timely payment of invoices. 


A local NDIS plan manager is best for you because they are familiar with the area, know the resources available, and can provide individualized support. They are also valuable resources for information and referrals. Finding good NDIS plan managers near me can make all the difference in achieving your goals and living a good life.