Why Hot Water Extraction Is The Best For Carpet Cleaning

Glasgow Carpet Cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning methods like bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing and hot water extraction. Among all, hot water extraction is the most effective way to remove dirt, dust and debris from the carpet. This method has been used for many years and helps to get a deep cleaning result compared to other methods. Here we have discussed why hot water extraction is important for carpet cleaning Glasgow.  

1. Environment Friendly 

Hot water extraction relies on high pressure and water to clean the carpet effectively using chemicals. So it will not harm people and is safe for kids and pets. It can help extend the carpet’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear associated with other methods, such as shampooing and bonnet cleaning. 

The hot water extraction method is biodegradable and will never leave a residue. You can enjoy the fresh smell of rugs & carpets and do not need water like steam cleaning. The wastewater will also not harm the environment after the process is completed. 

2. Provides A Deeper Clean 

If you want the carpet to look new, consider hot water extraction. It not only cleans the surface of the carpet but also penetrates deep within the carpet fibres to remove dirt, dust and stains. Hot water is directly injected into the fibres and breaks the stubborn particles that are impossible to remove with regular vacuuming. After the substance gets loosened, dirt and debris can be extracted with the help of a vacuum for deep carpet cleaning. The professionals use high-powered machines to handle any stains, whether tea spills, coffee stains or food. Any carpet stains can be removed with hot water extraction. The machines range from portable to truck-mounted machines that can clean large hotel carpets. 

3. Offers Faster Drying Time 

It also offers a faster drying option, needing less water and detergents. The average drying time can be 2 to 4 hours, depending on the fabric on the carpet. The issue with old carpet cleaning methods is they can leave a residue of detergents on the carpet. It can also overwet the carpet, which affects the quality of the carpet. If it remains wet for a long time, it might attract mould and mildew, resulting in many respiratory illnesses. However, faster drying time can remove such possibilities. 

4. Hot Water Extraction Is A Good Choice 

Many people confuse hot water extraction with steam cleaning, but they are completely different. In steam cleaning, the water must reach boiling to produce vapour. It can do a good job cleaning the carpet but also causes problems like non-removable water stains. It is also prone to overwetting and can cause health issues due to mould growth. On the other hand, the water in hot water extraction is heated enough for carpet cleaning without causing any damage, water stains or mould growth. 

Hot water extraction is an eco-friendly solution that helps to make the carpet new. You do not have to worry about any stains and residue as it gives the best cleaning results. Contact professional mattress & upholstery cleaning services.