A Complete Guide to Formatting Text on Discord

discord text formatting

Discord is a very useful application that can be very beneficial for people who know how to use it correctly however if you are not familiar with the functioning of the application then, it can be very baffling for you to use the Discord application. Discord text formatting is also very complicated and that is why not a lot of people know the correct process for formatting their texts in the application. Here in the blog, we are going to share the complete information that you need to know about discord text formatting

Using Discord Formatting- Complete Discord Markdown

If you do not know about the correct formatting of text in the discord application then, you do not need to worry as here are the steps and instructions that will help you with the same. Discord uses markdown when they want to format text and to correctly format the text on your Discord account, you need to know Markdown correctly.

Markdown refers to a markup language that is used very commonly when people want to format text on different text forums and this language allows people to convert the simple text that they have typed into a very vibrant and rich language. 

How to Bold Text in Discord

There are many people who want to know how they can bold the text that they have entered using discord’s text formatting engine in Discord.  The functions in discord are very similar to HTML and that is why you need to look carefully at the tags that you should add. 

You need to enter two asterisks (*) and then write the text that you want to highlight by bold option in between these symbols.  The symbol is present on the numeric key 8 and you need to use the Ctrl button to enter the symbol. 

How to Italicize the Text in Discord

All the things that you need to do in Discord are very similar to each other and if you are interested in italicizing your texts in Discord then, you need to place one asterisk at the start and then, one at the end of the text. Be careful as the action is very similar to the bold action but, you need to know that to bold the text, you need to place two asterisk symbols before and after the text. 

You need to use the Ctrl button along with the 8 buttons to italicize the text that you need to in Discord. 

How to Strikethrough Text on Discord

Many people often want to strike through their texts and if they want to do the same then, they need to use the tide (~) key. Two at the start of the text and two at the end of the text and your text will be struck. 

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How to Underline Text on Discord

Mark text properly by underlining it in Discord, similar to the tag in HTML.

How to underline: Add two underscore marks (_) at the beginning and end of the text you want to insert below. The ampersand (_) is usually in the same key as the hyphen (-).

Press and hold ‘Shift +’ twice to copy the text. You can also select text and hold ‘Ctrl + U’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + U’ (Mac) to display the text when using Discord on PC.

There are a lot of other features too in Discord that is used in text formatting and if you want to know those advanced options then, you can use the website Onlinegeeks for the same. 

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