How to Create a Gmail Account Without a Phone Number?

create gmail account without phone number

Nowadays, there are users who do not want to provide their phone number or their personal details on the internet which is why they have been looking for services that can help the users to know how to make a Google account without a phone number

In this blog of ours, we are going to help the users and are going to provide them with the steps or ways which they can use to create an account without the use of a phone number. 

Why Google Asks for Phone Number

The users might think why they need a phone number while creating an account well, it can be for various purposes like to prove whether the users are not a robot. 

Also to have easy access to contact the users whenever Google suspects if there is any suspicious activity happening. 

Phone number is also a way which the users can use when they want to recover the password of their account if they have forgotten it. 

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Creating an Account on Google Without Phone Number Verification

So, here are the steps which the users need to sign up for Gmail without phone number but the users need to follow and execute the steps mentioned carefully. 

Step no 1 – For the first step, the users need to first visit the page of Google which is creating their Google account which will help the users. 

Step no 2 – The next step for the users is to fill in the first as well as the last name so that they can move ahead to the next step.

Step no 3 – Now, in this step, the users need to create their email by typing in the email address they want like 

Step no 4 – Once, the users have decided on the email address they need to decide on a password for their account and fill it out again to confirm it so that they can create Gmail without phone number

Step no 5 – In this step, the users need to press the next button and then they need to fill in their birthdays, and then they have to fill in optional details like phone numbers, etc. Now, here the users can hit on skip button if they do not want to fill it. 

Step no 6 – After all, the details have been filled the users need to tap on the next button the users need to agree with the terms and conditions so that they can create an account on Google to Gmail without phone number. 

Once, the account has been created the users can use their Google account along with the services which Google provides for its users after they have created the account like Google drive, Google photos, etc. 

Also, If you need some other email platform where you can create an email without phone number then, we have a separate article for that, you just need to visit our website

We hope that the details which we have provided for the users in this blog have been pretty much useful for them and they were able to use this information for their benefit also, the users can use this information with the people who need it.

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