Top 5 Fashion Sites in 2022


H&M has been known for its sensitive translations and transcreation of foreign content. This is reflected in the different homepage content on their U.K. and French sites. For example, on the U.K. homepage, the brand links to an interview with Linda Tol, while in France, it promotes a similar discussion with Alexandra Golovanoff.

fashion pulis

Fashion Pulis is one of the leading free websites dedicated to celebrity news. It comprises a team of photographers and journalists who focus on quality content. It avoids clickbait titles and caters to the community’s need for celebrity news. The site also allows users to edit photos of famous people and browse through celebrity stories.

While it isn’t a fashion magazine, the site is known for its diversity of clothes and accessories, from trendy sports to hip and modern streetwear. The website even includes a wide variety of men’s clothing from high-end designers. However, the blog is not free from fashion scams, as the fashion industry attracts unscrupulous characters. This is why customers should be aware of the various scams and shady practices.


Zara’s success is based on its ability to adapt to changing fashion trends. It saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it by creating affordable but high-quality clothing. The company closely monitors the latest trends and styles to make new designs quickly and efficiently. This allows them to get new products into stores in weeks.

In addition to its plethora of clothing, Zara also focuses on its customer experience. The company has built its empire on two simple rules: giving customers what they want and getting them to it quickly. By 2022, Zara aims to make online sales account for 25% of the company’s total revenue. The company must think of new ways to engage its customers digitally to meet these goals.

Olive Clothing

Olive is a UK-based company that blends traditional European styles with modern fashion. Its home page features images of serious-looking young models in autumnal wear. Its website features heavy-spaced lettering and a clean, white background. Images are high-quality, and the website loads quickly.

Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche started as a t-shirt brand, but it’s grown into a high-end fashion brand. Known for its playful edge and embroidered messages, the brand sells to high-end fashion stores like Mr. Porter. In 2018, the brand released a limited-edition t-shirt in collaboration with the retailer.

Whether a sexy and edgy site or a more simplistic, editorial-style website, Maison Labiche is a popular choice for fashion-conscious consumers. The company’s website should be easy to navigate and visually appealing so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

The brand’s site offers a unique scrolling experience for users. Its homepage is packed with exciting elements, including a gorgeous web element animation. Its hero header, with its large title and dynamic artwork that moves left to right, is particularly eye-catching. The website also has a smooth integration of videos and a clear hierarchy of aesthetic elements.

The Idle Man

The Idle Man is dedicated to the masculine domain, offering a diverse range of fashion brands. It also features a blog that provides style tips. The site also offers a personality-suiting guide to help men find the perfect outfit for their personalities. The site caters to a wide range of men, from teenagers to mid-aged adults. It also has its label line of menswear.

This online menswear site offers an extensive range of clothing from independent designers to luxury labels and streetwear brands. The selection range includes apparel, accessories, and footwear from top brands. The selections are categorized well, making them easy to find. You can browse by category or style, and the website offers fast delivery. It also provides an extensive 45-day returns window.